What kind of sound packs would you like to see in the future?


A synth, even if basic in nature, would be awesome…


keep it light on the ALL CAPS STUFF




Fwiw, (I’ve just discovered) there on 77 shifted snares in the Leviathan pack.

…in case you didn’t know. :slight_smile:


Indie dance sounds would be nice


organic sounding flume pads (sine keyboards, wobbly square/saws)
maybe some square & triangle combo leads
that’s just what ive designed in serum to sound like flume, would really love that in auxy


I think it would be handy to have the key listed alongside the sample name.


Serum is not made by FL Studio, it’s made by Xfer Records…

But I’d love to see a sound pack of it!


I know Auxy 5 has the new import feature, but what sounds do you want to see for future Audio Packs? Personally I want to see ambient & nature sounds such as Water drop, wind, rain, thunder, birds chirping, and running water.


Yes nature stuffs, more space for adding these, also want some more industrial like sounds. some sounds i’ve wanted feature in Alon Mor’s - Presudeos. at about the second drop theres this really awesome sound that sounds like a ball rolling in a pool table.

also want reverse glass smash samples like the ones i used to make some of my claps, including some i borrowed from Alon and Jan amit


Heckin freckin CHIPTUNEZ BOYYY


Funny you mention rain. I’ve imported a rain sample and it’s extremely useful for putting with sad chords


you got one less than 10 seconds… woof gimme


Yes, surprisingly. It’s pretty close tho





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I just want the limit for samples to be like 20 seconds not 10


Yeah since it’s such a pain in the ass to share samples anyway, and they aren’t packed inside the project file (so no file size problem there) I don’t really get the ten second restriction.


Maybe RAM limitations?


For sounds like that, which aren’t going to be ‘played’ tonally (i.e. via piano roll), it might not be the best use of a monthly sound pack update – as you’d gain little compared to simply importing them as samples (and maybe Auxy pushing back to 10-sec duration limit to 30–60 seconds [or more]).