What kind of sound packs would you like to see in the future?




i got a kick for my songs along with some anime stuff


I would absolutely love a sound pack strictly dedicated to rough growl bass sounds. A pack with similar sounds to


same here


The more people ask for it, the better. #BRINGSERUMPACKTOAUXY


I would honestly like a sound pack that had 16 real basic sounds, like a sine wave, a triangle wave, a saw wave and a square wave, with 3 variants each. Shape would lengthen the attack (i.e. Silk) and Tone would increase chorus/unison.

Edit: If not, Iā€™d be so happy for the next major update to introduce synthesis similar to FLā€™s Oscx3.

Sweet Pads April

I would love a sound pack with Melbourne bass basses. @Southborne you with me on this one?


Serum is made by xfer not Image line lol


New knobs n sliders to add:
ā€¢Phaser: edit the type (ie Hz, Oct and Harmonic mode) in settings icon like on Delay.
ā€¢Wet and dry sliders in Reverb
ā€¢Volume has a slider instead of a knob.
ā€¢Resonance (although this can be done in an EQ instead)
ā€¢Distorion (change type as mentioned in Phaser)
ā€¢Compression (Multiband please :heart_eyes:)
ā€¢Rename shape to Pluck cause it does the same thing.
ā€¢Bandpass and Bandstop (notch) filters. Can be edited separately to each other.
ā€¢Envelopes and LFOā€™s which can be mapped to anything.
ā€¢Envelopes where you can edit attck sustain decay etc.

We pretty much need more options i know this isnt really a soundpack feature but it can be put to use with new ones.


yes bro. Even just a bigroom packā€¦ uhhhh




having wavetable synthesis would be tricky but really cool


what we really need is dubstep growls


literally get any reese sounding bass and automate the highpass up. how i make all my growls


What is a reese sounding bass?
edit: nvm got it


yeah somthing like cube, Lobster or puma should be good


Sidechainā€¦ lots and lots of sidechain


Yes :tired_face: need a proper sidechain bus that doesnt take up and instrument slot

and you set the any custom drums to the sidechain


Isnā€™t this thread moot?


Whatever it is, bring it. :joy: