What kind of sound packs would you like to see in the future?


Agree, mostly. It’s likely that Auxy-created SoundPacks will never be able to keep up with demand. It trails now and the community is still relatively tiny.

When the userbase grows, as they hope it will, demand for a regular flow of fresh sounds will only increase exponentially.

Of course, under the current model, audio import could be financial suicide for the app - SPs currently being the only revenue stream.

The reason I do think it could cannablise SP sales is that those most comfortable looking elsewhere for sounds are also those with a bit more experience or savvy - a group which strongly correlates to those most willing to spend larger amounts of money (a group that every business would like to attract). :wink:

Knowing what audio import could do for me - and knowing how it could impact native SP sales - it would make sense for Auxy to offer audio import as a paid feature upgrade/‘unlock’.

(Then we’re in the realm of proxy ‘standard’ and ‘pro’ versions, albeit one version with various IAPs to unlock ‘pro’ features.)

I’d buy audio import and ADSR in a heartbeat.

That said, there are other routes they could take.

This being the case, I don’t think we’ll see audio import unless a change to the model was also on the cards, that could compensate for the inevitable loss of revenue as some users have their sound needs met by other sources.

The only way this wouldn’t be the case is if the new version somehow managed to massively swell its user numbers - to the point where there were enough new ‘in the box’ types of users to guarantee enough sales of Auxy’s own SPs to allow the app/business to grow.

We know there’s a demand for a more frequent flow of new SPs (and that everybody has their own idea of what SPs they’d like to see soonest) - and we know that significant changes are coming, so…

…It’ll be interesting to see how they bring the needs of the user and their own creative and business needs together.


Oh I’d totally pay for audio import, definitely wasn’t suggesting it should be free haha. @lenberg @Fredrik gotta eat!!!

I hear ya, it could go either way. The only thing I could even compare to is Reason and RE’s are still selling (so they say, who really knows…)

Everyone works different for sure, especially in an app, I know I want to stay in one spot as much as possible. Multitasking on iOS sucks, but the portability benefit is unmatched so like everything else, there’s give and take.

Just friggin hope we hear something soon lol.


Agree. The only reason I’d go looking elsewhere for sounds is because the sounds I’d most like to see available as an SP would likely - and understandably - be so far down the priority list, that I’d be waiting for quite a while.

Even then, some will inevitably like to design their own sounds and bring them into the Auxy production environment. No SP is likely to satisy those who want to give themselves a truly unique sound, at least, not unless they also added some capable sound manipulation tools to the app - which is extremely unlikely.

It’s tricky - and interesting.

But, as you point out, the natives are getting restless. :wink:


I just want a sound pack now. I don’t even care what’s in it.





Honestly Japanese instrument sounds and possibly voice samples would be really cool.


Figure users, did any of you guys get the new update? The kick on that new Gosh kit in nuts. Imagine having drum kits like Gosh, Yule, Leeloo, Weekend, Syntax Error, or Rumble in Auxy.

A Figure-Auxy crossover is probably highly unlikely, tho.


Well, never say never. @lenberg did work for a bit with Propellerhead, no?


I have no idea




Oh, that’s pretty cool. Maybe it isn’t so unlikely.


What’s figure?


It’s another music-making app. I used it for 3 years before I made the switch to Auxy. I really like the instruments in the app, but the longest songs you could make were 8 measures long, you only got 3 instruments, and you couldn’t make chords. Auxy is definitely better.


Sorta like a plucked ring you mean?


This would be sick if you completed this man.


I am with you there. That guy is super talented and has a really nice Trap sound.


Hey! Had some ideas about a future AP. i know that this has most likely been requested so many times by others but i just want to see this in a future AP.

So Orchestral instruments are my favourites when it comes down to music. and i have always wanted to use them in songs.

These instruments could include:
•Strings; Violin, Viola, Cello and double bass
•Clarinet and Oboe
•Trumbone and Trumpet and Saxophone

and any others anyone can think of!

I know we already kind of have a string instrument (Bow) but it definitely needs improvement. I know that it would also be expensive to record these instruments as well so synthesis would be Auxy’s best option in my opinion.

PS. please add a dry and wet knob to the Reverb!

Anyway! Just wanted to share what i would think would make this station a lot more diverse. And tell me what you think too.



TBH, that’s an unlikely feature addition for the foreseeable future.
Especially as the outcome you’re after is possible now, albeit by a workaround.

Duplicate an instrument, have one dry and the other with reverb, and then set the relative volumes to get the wet/dry mix you want.

It’ll cost you an instrument slot, but it’s achievable.


Yeah i see what you mean although the effect wouldnt be the same as it works differently in traditional DAWS. its an effect i used to use a lot as it was really good for transitions in to different sections.

Delay for drums as well would be nice