What kind of sound packs would you like to see in the future?


More square synths maybe?


There are far, far better people to ask here than me. It’s not a genre I listen to or produce in. I’m just a dubstep outsider with two ears and an opinion. :wink:


oh okay :slight_smile:


Just been testing leads on iMini and Odyssei to replace the lead sounds on a couple of Auxy pieces…

So, a pack of lead sounds would be great, including - or maybe even focusing on - classic retro synth sounds.

Some Moogy leads, some ARP Odyssey, woody MS-20 leads, funky leads, screaming tubular leads with great modulation options, …

(I’d buy a pack like that in a heartbeat.)






It is a good idea but
I think it would be too hard to make, people would get stressed and arguments would occour
Also sometime people might make a certain sound that is so different from the others it might change all of auxy forever


Okay @lenberg , at this point I don’t care what kind of sound pack it is.

I just need a sound pack.

In the very near future.


okay idk what other people but these are the sound packs I would want to see in auxy

  1. assorted string instruments
  2. rock n roll (kits and guitars)
  3. dubstep basses and growls
  4. 8-bit
  5. bitbird future bass


If you have the Future pack, that third one is already covered.



really? I never really used lobster that much tbh, for dubstep i usually turn to freak. Even then, I would like to see some big dubstep name (like virtual riot) step in and give us access to some really good basses. That way the community doesnt have to go scavenging trying to hold on to any remotely dubstep-ish sounding bass they can find


Turn up the tone and shape all the way and VOILA!


wow i tried it

its really cool thanks :slight_smile:


No problem!


Also, you can get pretty dang close to 8-bit using Stress from 7 Skies Selection and turning up the tone all the way. But I still agree that we should have a whole pack for 8-bit.


A better 8-bit ive found is freak, using high tone and no shape
also a good 8 bit drum is dollar with snare pitch at minimum


Yea cool!


Not necessarily a bad thing. It might mean only the more serious sound creators do it - which would probably raise the overall quality.


people would get stressed and arguments would occour

A strange reason not to do it.
Not everyone agrees with what Auxy can/cannot do, or should/should not do in the future. So far, the Auxy team and community have not imploded due to a storm of arguments. No evidence to suggest that it might.

3rd-party soundpacks and VSTs/AUs are the popular lifeblood of the pro DAW and soft-synth world. Far, far larger than an Auxy sound creator community is likely to be - and yet, no evidence of the kind of outcome/behaviour that you describe.


Also sometime people might make a certain sound that is so different from the others it might change all of auxy forever



OK. I’ve compiled a list of the interesting ideas and what I think are probably the best.

  1. Orchestral Instruments (Strings, Bass, Harps, Flutes, Bells, Maybe even a Timpani?)
  2. Chiptune Stuff (Sine, Square, Sawtooth, Triangle, Pulse, etc.)
  3. Dubstep (Dem sicc growlers)
  4. Guitars (Acoustic & Electric)
  5. Some more light electronic instruments (Artists like Owl City, etc.)
  6. More effects (Rain, Wind, Dripping Water, etc.)
  7. Maybe some reverse guitars, y’know?

That’s pretty much what I can come up with.


The more I read this it just becomes increasingly clear that audio import of some kind fixes all these problems. Want to swap out a lead melody with another app? Record there, drop it in. Done. I don’t think it’d cannibalize AP sales either because people (myself included) still want to do things “in the box” as much as possible. Look at Propellerheads - including VST support hasn’t seemed to slow down Rack Extension sales.