What kind of sound packs would you like to see in the future?


Guitars and stuff


Oh yeah, the rock guitar in GarageBand sounds like someone took a harp and threw it at a wall.


It’s difficult but it’s not impossible. It’s been done plenty of times by other people. Yes it would be a lot of work, but you’re making it out to be something that can’t be done at all.


The funny thing is though the others are quite serviceable. Not the most realistic, but some of the best I’ve heard on iOS for sure.


Cheers, got it. :+1:

Fwiw, yes, brostep is the sound I had in mind, though I wasn’t aware of that name/genre. (Had to quickly check via Google :wink:
I had just assumed the definition had shifted, at least in common usage. (Same when I hear the term Progressive House, which also seems to have shifted definitions, in more recent years.)


Iirc, a fair amount of the sounds in Auxy are sample-based, rather than purely synthesised. That would be the approach they’d presumably take for guitars.

May more be a case of cost, time and ability of choosing, sourcing and recording quality samples.


It has, and even I have pretty much given up on the term brostep, accepting dubstep to mean brostep. But it’s problematic when you need to talk about both dubstep AND brostep in the same paragraph! :nerd_face:


How about a dubstep pack




What’s so funny


I see what happened there… :smirk:


Some chiptune noises and effects would be cool.


I just want new sounds, it personally doesn’t matter what kind for me

I just need to stay hydrated with my daily dose of Auxy


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This is an example of why I think that Auxy needs to have ADSR controls available for every sound.

For guitars, Shape could possibly then be used to help shape pluck, while Tone handles something like twang, distortion or chorus.

A whole guitar pack would allow for a couple of basses, couple of acoustic (nylon and steel string) range of electric with each using tone to control distortion/overdrive/fuzz or layer in amp style/feedback, ukulele (maybe), etc…

I’d expect the pack to either be smaller or more expensive than usual due to it being a more complex, costly and time-consuming exercise to gather, process and program quality (multi-)samples.

…but I’d buy it (as long as the quality was there and the price-to-value was reasonable).


I got you covered.



Thanks to my kids have seen this movie about ten times. I like it more than my kids do :smirk:

Also, the crab voiced by Jemaine Clement is the best. That whole song with the overtly Flight of the Conchords feel is the absolute pinnacle of the movie lol.


I think I’ve said this before, but I can’t go without saying… Brass, Horns, Trumpets, Growls, We Need Em’.


Can u please teach me dubstep then? I’d love to know so bad. I think that low pitched freak and um… blob? go well.


An 8 bit pack would be cool, and fun to play around with. On a completely different note, string instruments, especially guitars, would be awesome. You could create a strumming effect with the guitars and make a song sound really nice. A lot of people use Auxy as an app where they sketch ideas, then bring it to a proper studio( not saying Auxy can’t be one) and really polish the idea. The guitars would really help with that.