What kind of sound packs would you like to see in the future?


Yes this please, was just thinking this today. +1 for a drum only pack


I’m a fan of ambient, glitchy atmospheres and wouldn’t mind a sound pack built up around that.


LoFi pack!


It’s weird to me that everyone here talks about house and future bass when I don’t listen to those genres at all.


Auxy is probably the best music production app around, and will stay for years, but there is still really big misses in the app…
Like Band/Orchestral instruments.

First of all, with need saxophone.

Would be so cool to create Ookay-Thief or Redfoo-NewThang in Auxy… We just really need it !!

Now, the Violin.

Yeah, I know we have Bow and Story, but it’s not Violin !! We want Real orchestral violins !


WHERE ARE THE ACCOUSTIC GUITARS ? (Twig don’t count) Would be so cool to start a song with a solo of guitar or create country music (yeah some want but not many )

Also… We really need electric guitars ! I could improve EDM/Dubstep drops or Rock creators could use Auxy ! (Subway don’t count either)

Also, drums kit with louder snares for trap, (charge is not enough) and very low snares for more grunge songs.

Right now, in Auxy, there is only two styles: Dubstep/Techno and EDM. Auxy is a wonderful music creating app ! Auxy could fit for many other types of creators… Grunge creators, Rock creators, more Trap creators, or even orchestral creators ! Maybe even Jazz House! Auxy definitively need it !


Hi Ienberg. I look forward to buying anything you release in the House category especially Future House, Brazilian House and G House. I’d like to see some modern Pop sound packs filled with those lush synths/pads that are great for making those thick, side-chain chords we all know and love today. Thanks again. LOVE what you guys are doing. I’m in it to the end with you and I plan to become one of those artists to release a major hit using Auxy exclusively for all composition and Ableton Live to record vocals and mix only. Going forward however, I’ll just need the ability to import my own sounds. I know you guys are working on it. Please make it a priority. You’re doing everything right with this app and it’s the only major thing missing. I’m pleased to say that I’ll be just fine working with the sound content you’ve already produced until then though because it’s all excellent and for any samples I want to use outside of Auxy, I’ll just continue running iMPC Pro in the background. It’s a good app, but buggy as hell and you’re doing everything they’re doing only SO much better, nicer and easier to use. I look forward to the day I can ditch that thing altogether and compose exclusively in Auxy. Love, love, love the app! It’s truly life changing. Every spare minute I have will be spent with Auxy. - Les Vegas


I’ll order one ambient pack please


I feel like the automation is great but it still is short of the full complexity of music. Also a way to perhaps import voice to the mix. And more drum kits would be helpful :slight_smile:


A DUBSTEP pack! :smiley:


god yes i want clean toms like ramzoid


More drums would be great, including acoustic and retro drum machine packs.

There’s talk of an audio import feature coming soon…

If the audio engine can handle many short one-hits imports, then that’ll open things up hugely for drums too, potentially being able to build your own kit from imported one-hit samples.

The challenge with importing audio is making it work to a sufficiently high-quality, easy to use, from end-to-end, all within a mobile-only environment, which are, more or less, Auxy’s guiding principles.

Audio import will lean more heavily on preparation outside of Auxy more than any feature to-date. It’ll be interesting to see how they implement it, given they’re trying to avoid the need to use multiple apps in conjunction with Auxy.

(It’s been mentioned before, but a reworking of the drums would be welcome to allow us to build kits from various packs, rather than use of valuable instrument slots with multiple drum packs. Alternatively, and more likely, more instrument slots.)


Lots of interesting suggestions on this thread, most of which I’d definitely be up for (dubstep, definitely … 8 bit, sure … more drums, yup). But I’d like to offer something I’ve not yet seen on here: a 1920s themed soundpack. Something like ProleteR - April Showers or pretty much anything from Rizzle Kicks – Roaring 20s.


3 words:

Trans… Siberian… Orchestra.


Now, I’ll say upfront that I’m not a dubstep fan, so I probably can’t distinguish between tracks as well as a fan of the genre.

That said, aren’t there already a decent amount of sounds that work well for dubstep?
The basic sounds seems more or less present. The low, growling sounds, for instance. And it’s certainly possible to make things stutter and scream.
Similarly, there are a couple of drums packs which seem aimed at, or at least, well suited to, a DS sound (both RAC kits as well as Mold and the Charge kit from the Original selection).

Seems to me (as a genre outsider) that the rest is down to production techniques. (I recognise that ds typically has very complex production going on.)

What sounds would you add to better enable dubstep? (honest question)


Orchestral string section and VRC6 Chiptune


I’m not sure why you’ve singled in on that one tangential part of my comment: I didn’t originally suggest the dubstep pack, it was suggested many times above my comment, I only agreed that I would be happy to receive one. Or an 8 bit pack, or more drums. But you could just as easily have argued that there are already 12 drums in the app so why would I ever want more? And we can already make an 8 bit sound by pitch-bending various existing instruments, so why would I want an 8 bit pack? The easy answer to that question is, “variety is the spice of life”.

For one thing I’d quite like to see a lead instrument where, say, the “Shape” control is attached to an LFO for the instrument so that it can be set to wub/growl/modulate faster than automation controls would allow.

But ultimately my suggestion was a 1920s instruments pack. So far I’ve not seen anyone else suggest that. I think some very interesting sounds could be created with authentic sounding 1920s instruments.


The others you mentioned sounded like they’d be fresh additions. The dubstep one seemed, to me, like it might already be quite well covered by existing sounds.

Yes, others have suggested it previously, and previously I’ve sometimes commented, making the point above.

This time, I thought I’d ask what DS sounds someone who suggests it would like to see added, and possibly understand why you (and by inference, others) didn’t think the available sounds work well for DS.



Like I say, for me Dubstep was an aside in my comment.

It’s less that the available sounds don’t work well for dubstep, and more that I think the app would benefit from more choice for dubstep sounds. Also, just to clarify, what I’m talking about here is not actually dubstep, but brostep (I’m pretty sure you are too but I just wanted to be clear) and as I want to talk about both here, to prevent confusion I will use brostep to refer to the Americanised sound, and dubstep to refer to the original British sound.

There are plenty of existing instruments that lend themselves well to a true original dubstep sound, as the sounds tend to be bassy, spatial and the wubs tend to be slow and chilled. Where as brostep tends to have a wide range of synths in it and a fast urgent sound with very fast modulation. So having a wider range of sounds that have been tailor-picked for that purpose would be pretty cool. I’ve found a few times that I wanted to modulate my lead synth but have only been able to get about half the modulation speed I wanted from automation. If the instrument itself had a built-in LFO attached to either the “Tone” or “Shape” control then it’d be possible to achieve modulation at much higher speeds and without the sharpness of the automation tool. This the fastest modulation that can be achieved in the automation tool:

Not only is it a pain to draw this, but it’s also a pain to have changing rhythms in the modulation (commonplace in dubstep tracks) as it means drawing another set of triangles. It’s very difficult to experiment with modulation rhythms as it takes ages to draw out all of the automation. The sound generated by this also suffers from being either immediate-on-slope-off, or slope-on-immediate-off, and still isn’t as fast as many mainstream brostep tracks utilise. With modulation built into the instrument itself it would be possible to create much cleaner sounds using a sine-wave or a square wave. And then the automation could be kept clear for more useful things in structuring the song (rather than modifying a synth to sound like a brostep synth).



Maybe they should release dedicated fan sound packs with like 2 sounds from genres requested by people in this thread. So like 2 string sounds, 2 ambient house sounds, 2 more dubsteppy modulated bass sounds, etc.


Maybe? Please, I need more sounds.


wait… ambient house sounds? YES