What kind of sound packs would you like to see in the future?


Nah I’m talking the kind of sounds from his soundcloud songs like Wet Roads and Surface.


Just got an idea for our 5 year anniversary…


:scream: You should bring back some OG Auxy sounds


(How have I managed to not hear this guy until now!?

He’s released on Brainfeeder and Ninja Tunes, which says a lot about the quality, imo.)

Anyhoo, great sounds in all tracks…


Aside from what I’ve already said about future sound packs, I think a pack with future bass sounds similar to the Helix and future bass soundbanks from Cymatics would be insane.

Check them out on SC:

Although, there are plenty of instruments capable of future bass already in the app, sounds like these would be the real deal.


I like those. I soundpack based on those would be amazing!!


Right bro?!?! @INDIR3CT


@INDIR3CT, @Auxilium

Nice sounds, but…

Given that the majority of tracks produced in this community already seem to be Future Bass*, doesn’t that suggest that Future Bass is kinda, already amply covered – and that it might be worth prioritising beefing up possibilities in other genres?

I’d really like to see something that doesn’t make Auxy even more of a FutureBass/EDM-oriented app, than it already is.

* FB is, by far, the most heavily represented genre in the Auxy SoundCloud channel reposts. (It’s almost entirely FB & EDM, with EDM still being a distant second to FB.)


I like the approach Roli has taken with soundpacks for their Noise app.

They have guest packs by artists like Grimes, RZA, WondaGurl, Steve Aoki and Pharell as well more general packs covering everything from techno to rock, vintage synths as well as acoustic and orchestral sounds.

It covers a very broad range.

Auxy remains the superior app, but I almost always end up replacing the sounds with something more suitable to my genre of choice.


FB is technically a sub genre to EDM… :wink:

So I’m just going to guess that you meant the rest of EDM.
But EDM is first! :smile:


This is perfect!


My dream for Auxy.
(Globe’s kick compressed sounds sorta like a progressive house kick :wink:)


I think they should add a drum sound pack with ten different drums. I also want a deadmau5 sound pack. That would be amazing. They can probably base the sounds off of Strobe or Proffesional Griefers!


I think this forum would go for anything by 3Lau

He did progressive house up till about 2016
And is now doing Future bass

Anyone else for this?


What about. Mike Williams and Madison Mars sound pack?


Yup, though I was going by what the maker had tagged their track as. (A couple of weeks ago, I looked over the past couple of months, iirc.)
~80% of the reposts were primarily tagged as Future Bass genre.

(I checked it out as I was planning to raise a point about aiming for better genre spread in the Auxy SC channel reposts, and push back on any favouritism in terms of members, makers or genres, while pro-actively helping promote fresh talent.)


Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see what you can do to help improve the community! :smile:


Hey, it was going to be a nag/finger wag. I think @BSJ, @lenberg and @Fredrik sit on the Auxy SC channel. Only they are making the reposts, afaik. (I’m only presuming BSJ’s involved because of the old ‘Post your tracks here!’ thread.)


True, but it would be nice to see a bit more diversity in reposts, and not have most of it Future Bass.
Just my opinion.

And maybe we should move this conversation somewhere else…


Agree 100%, my point exactly.