What kind of sound packs would you like to see in the future?


Let us know what you wish for! It’s quite complicated to make a sound pack though so don’t expect us to just drop the pack you’re wishing for next week. It’s especially tricky to make packs with well-known producers, since most people you know of are super busy and not even possible to get a hold of. We’re trying out best though.

Sound pack suggestions?
What new sounds do you want?

Well for me the ultimate sound packs would either be guitars of all different kinds, an orchestra pack, or of course the ultimate pack for me would include trumpets, saxophones, vintage clavinets, and maybe some strings. What matters most with the packs I described is that they’re based on recordings of real instruments, as a lot of other programs with those sounds have them a full synth sound made to sound like the instrument instead of actually sampling the real thing.


I would like to see a soundpack that is similar to the style from Overwerk. Example song:
There are some nice sounds further into this song and in his other songs. He just made an album or is finishing it, so he might have some time, but I don’t know if he’s already to “big” for this stuff.
Generally, I would like sounds for a dark, gritty, melodic, cinematic kind of sound. Other people that could work maybe: N’to, Toxic Avenger, Deadmau5 (pretty sure he would be considered to big).

One more kind of “style” would be the stuff by Shawn Wasabi. A big part that makes me like his music (only 4 songs on Spotify) are the unusual sounds. https://open.spotify.com/track/1sBrdUZ2abs5n0iSNYPppm


I agree with guitars and trumpets and stuff but also I do love getting more synth sounds. To be specific, UNIQUE synth sounds with character. As long as the synth instruments are cool and fresh and not just another producers version of a supersaw, great.


I’m definitely a fan of the gritty, bass sounds. I’m also quite the Overwerk fan as well, and I think that a sound pack from him would be really really cool.
Deadmau5 got me into electronic music, so I also tend to favor his minimal synths and bass sounds. I would definitely love to see a sound pack with similar sounds to his incorporated.


I think something other than what Auxy already has. There is a huge amount of dubstep/house/EDM instruments but only 2 or 3 good instruments for genres like, say, trap. It also doesn’t have any chiptune sounds, which I think Auxy would be greaaaat for. So basically:

  • Trap
  • Chiptune
  • Less House, Electro, Dubstep, etc.



Yeah, a trap or chiptune sound pack sounds like an awesome idea!


A sound pack full of classical instruments would be an excellent addition as well.


Classical instruments would be high on my list, at least strings/brass. A mellotron would be fun, too! Beyond that, I like minimal and analog synths, and anything atmospheric/cinematic/glitchy (e.g., Amon Tobin’s dark atmospheres, Autechre’s glitchy percussion, Boards of Canada’s synths). But really, anything different would be a great addition, be it trap or otherwise.


Trap, a trap/dubstep hybrid, like Party Thieves, or a future bass pack like Boombox Cartel would be amazing


Yeah Future Bass, Trap, and Chiptune would be nice!!

Classical instruments wooould be nice, but because of the way they are, it’s gonna be hard to get them to sound good in Auxy, since Auxy is built for EDM.


Honestly an entire pack for trumpets may be good. Both ones for long epic trumpet sounds and for more short stabbing sounds.


I would like to see strings and the original sounds from the older version of auxy, I prefer these ones to be free.


I think an Illenium sound pack would be awesome. He’s currently my favorite electronic artist and he has an amazing sound that would be fun to use in Auxy.


I want a future bass pack,and some KSHMR bass
Sound,and u can download it build up effect,just like
FL studio


I’d love to see some horns. #trapsounds!!!


Definitely more natural sounding kits. I’m loving the RAC kits! Some pad style sounds would be nice… there aren’t tonnes of synths that really work for it. Guitar… I’d love that


I would like to see one that included a bell-like sound, like RAC’s Lake, but it rings louder and longer after the initial strike.


flume inspired sounds,


future bounce/bass