What kind of message do you want your music to send?


It works!




If you’re not on the floor dancin’, you’re on the bed chillin’.

That’s my main theme, I guess.


Lots of things. It varies from stuff like ‘people need to drop their differences and get along for once’ to ‘the digital world is one of the only places I feel like my true self’ to ‘time goes by and nothing ever stops for you’. Each song has its own meaning or story. I also like to leave the meaning up to interpretation. I feel like that’s a really good way to draw in the listener - let them build the story to the song themselves. Though each song does have an original idea or message behind it.


Same here. I like this tactic.


This is also what I try to do. I usually make myself cry though. I technically achieved my goal…

Yes I cry to some of my music. No I’m not ashamed, and I have no reason to be.


I want my music to be a way for me to communicate with someone how I feel. I met someone a while back and we found that we understood each other best through composing music for each other to communicate feelings. Hippie sh*t, I know. But that’s how I view music. It’s like asking the question, “How can you define love?” and I think that question is best answered not by a dictionary, but by a musical piece.


This is great :+1:


Something that people will remember.




I wanna make people dance. Or nod their head. Or zone out for a couple of minutes and suddenly snap back to reality.

I like to take my listeners on a musical journey. Most of my songs are upbeat, yeah, but others… I wanna make things intereting, have people say “whoa, where’d that come from, who’s this guy and why does he keep saying ‘party’?” That’s the type of stuff I want my music to convey.


oh there goes gravity


I want to send a message to inspire people. Even when there’s nothing, you can build up and become amazing. My music is a great reminder of that imo, because it takes a simple concept and builds on that and will improve over time, just like people. It lets you know you matter. :slight_smile:


oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked


I usually make music that goes in line with how i’m doing. Songs like Fuzmiral, and Melodic Harmony are based upon the crushes I have. They are remixed at the time to represent that i’m still in their friend group.


I try to tell a deliberate story with each one of my tracks. Sometimes… it starts out how I am currently feeling and ends how I WANT to feel. (Usually negative to positive…) and I hope to successfully convey those stories to other people so they can make their OWN story(s) with the song, and overall benefit emotionally from my tracks.