What kind of message do you want your music to send?


I often think about this from time to time but I’ll like to know what you guys think ? :thinking:


Nostalgic stoicism


Upbeat / positive songs. I’ve listened to quite a few songs that have made me feel really happy, and I hope to make a song like that one day.


In all honesty. My dream is to know that my music has the ability to completely change the listeners mood, from depression to happiness or from loneliness to fulfillment. I want to help my supporters in every way I can, that’s why I make music… I express what I’m feeling and hope that my testimony helps someone else. (everyone, of course, but not everyone applies to music.)


Well, I think you’ve accomplished that. The first time I listened to one of your songs, I was like wow! This was made in auxy?! This is better than most songs made with professional music gear! I wasn’t particularly in a bad mood that day, but your music definitely made it better. Keep it up.


i want to convey the mood i was in when i made it, or feelings about xyz topic i was thinking of when i wrote song


Usually I go for the “listen in bed while looking up at he ceiling” vibe. But subconsciously I’ll mix in some other moods, based on how I feel.



Only sometimes idek


Nostalgic mysticism


I think importantly for me I like to make music to send positive messages. Although things do seem harsh in my life, music has always been a outlet for me to express that positivity to those who want to listen. But for the most part I just like to have fun with it & explore through the wonders of sound. I love to put together pieces of music that harmonize with each other in most coolest, sweetest and soothing way possible.


I really don’t care, but I just wanna flippin’ send it!


I either want my music to make people bop, or make people cry.
If I’m lucky I can get both.


im just out here trynna make some dank tracks and become quality producer.


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What ever I’m feeling at the moment is what I want the listener to feel. It like my music to paint in image or mood.


My message is indirect… so you will just have to listen and find out for yourself :wink:






I’m trying to paint a place in your imagination with my music I guess