What kind of hip-hop do you want?

I made a playlist with a few WIP beats I’ve been working on, and I’m not sure what’s good or not as I’m relatively new to this realm of things. Let me know down here or on the songs themselves what you guys like and what could be improved!



they were all awesome. out of one, two and three (i like meme alert but i don’t get the joke so i’m not sure if it’s serious or not so i won’t include it in the rating)
my favourite was two
then three
then one
but they were all amazing

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I think two was best out of all of them.

As someone who’s realm is pretty much only hip hop, I can say that 2, and 3 were the best :slight_smile: - the percussions and melodies were what I would look for in a hip hop song- the instruments used were more “real” than those in track 1 and there was more control of the 808 and mix than track 4

I listen to rap all the time, so here’s some feedback.

1- I like the melody in the beginning but not as much when the beat comes on. Other Han that it’s decent but not a fan of the lobster. The bass was a little annoying, maybe distort it some more and move some of the notes an octave up

2- really good, hi hats are way too loud though. Also a couple times the sidechain clicks.

3- not a fan of the snare. The hi hats could sink in a bit more imo.

4- snare is too quiet and not trappy enough. Not a big fan of the rides and slides the come in. Kick is weird