What kind of genre are you going to make challenge

Here is a challenge for you guys. The person who makes a remix, will be credited and marked as collaboration on sc and spotify. Here is the link: https://app.auxy.co/projects/lz4PILkAizdh-cD1jB_mLg==

Good luck!

wdym “make a good genre for the song”?
like remix it or what

I meant a remix

Say less


A quick snippet to show you where I’m at before I add more & Improvements
What do you think?

Thats sick!

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Imo there’s too many kicks

Can you do something with it?

Here’s what I thought would be cool: https://app.auxy.co/projects/UYPFc6qOyqlmOkOtifDDiw==

My style involves multiple genres mixed together so take it as an environmental Neurofunk trap mix. :rofl:Hense the kicks

This still open?


I didn’t rly remix this but I think I made a good song out of it https://app.auxy.co/projects/sA-VDJ78meb8grVL7mjRqg==


I love “bass Thing.”

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