What is your top track, and why do you think it was so successful?

Think about what went right in that song and how you have learned from it.


My top song was Elevation.
I think this is because of a lot of things… I think it was overall my best mixed song, i worked on it for over three months, and I got a whole lot of great feedback to improve it.

(Oh, and @INDIR3CT reposted it, so that might have something to do with it. Thx btw)


Also @Jax you posted Elevation here on the disco for feedback and tips, that really helped out too. Letting other artists hear your track and help you before it was even released. That probably helped alot when your track officially got posted.


in terms of my non-auxy music, technically my best song was some generic big room house song i made 3 years ago that got like 70k plays, but since i contributed basically nothing to that collab, i won’t count it. i guess my best, most successful non-auxy song is “worldstar”, a song i worked on with a guy named crossroads. it was successful because i sent it out to a lot of different people and promoted it. my top track in auxy in terms of success right now is my remix of “purple magic” by hydrans. i honestly don’t know why it’s as successful as it is. i knew it was really good when i made it but i never expected it to have more plays than the original. i’m honestly just thankful to this auxy community for liking my music.


I don’t really have any “successful tracks”

If I had to pick one, If probably say variable but I don’t know If label releases count (also, it’s not Auxy)

For Auxy stuff, I would have to say something from Insurgency LP or Insomnia because it was my first “good” song


Why wouldn’t you expect it to get more plays than the original? The original really doesn’t have very many plays


i’m just saying usually remixes don’t get more plays than the original.

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It was my oversaturated (joke) remix of Kleuren, if we’re going solely by plays alone.

Aside from that, the song that actually had the most likes was Re/Fragmented, despite it being a mess of a song looking back at it.

Out of my newest songs, the collab I did with @AnirudhKhanna on VVVVV, Hysteria, has the most plays and likes out of them all, so I’d say that would be it. In terms of learning from this song, I really learned how to change up my style significantly and improve as an artist.


@TheRealJFalc collabs teach me alot, yours did too.
I remember that collab from a while back lol


If I’m being honest, I don’t really know why it happened, but I will admit I felt pretty good about Falling Apart, with it being my best work in a while :joy:

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“flutter” because she made it to the staff picks.




Bijou one of my faves of recent memory

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it’s “five.” not vvvvv :triumph::triumph::triumph:

jk it’s fine the rebrand is confusing for me too and i own the collective soooo🤷🏻‍♂️


if we’re not counting collabs my top track is one i made a little bit ago called Low: https://soundcloud.com/thatguywhousesauxy/low
to be honest i have no idea why it got so popular
i literally just found a sample and threw drums, bass, and some record scratches on it lmao

if we are counting collabs, austere with @Mr_Mooo is my top track, i still really love that one

bonus: solstice was my top track for a really long time and now i want to die every time i hear it


Low is the biggest bop, ngl

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I have 1 song on my SoundCloud, so it’s very diffucult to choose


mine was infinite, and i have no clue why it got so popular. i guess its my most contemporary sounding song

My most successful track is Night Club Showdown and I honestly don’t know why it’s successful. I guess it’s catchy? The rhythm is really cool in my opinion, but my tracks don’t get that many plays because I’m an experimental artist.

I made my best song in 45 minutes the only reason I can think of why it was so good is because I was depressed and in pain at the time so I poured out my emotions in the song. That’s when I make my music is the best especially when I’m depressed.

Lol I have no songs on SoundCloud.