What is your ritual when producing?


I remembers my love looking into her eyes and lips and memorizing the best moments and then pulling out all my emotions and feelings from my heart into my music dedicating her



Where do you live?



That’s lovely.
Who’s this wonderful “her?”



First, I gather the bois
Then, we form a circle
tHeN wE dRaW a pEnTaGrAm oN tHe fLoOr aNd cHanT



My beloved
who inspires me a lot making music



See, here’s the thing. We’re as talented as anyone else who doesn’t use auxy but they need an entire setup while we just need a phone or tablet. Personally i dont have a ritual myself, I’m on auxy at least 6 hours daily lol



I pray to satian

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thank you lil uzi, very cool



I just pickup my phone and open Auxy and starts making music. No rituals



What are you… a NOOOOB



Not at all Bro
I’m Studio Music Producer and have been producing music from last 4 years
I own FL Studio and many Synth Softwares on my PC that I used to work upon

I meant to say that
Auxy is quite a decent app on iOS which let you quickly sketch some notes turn into beautiful melodies and later turn it to complete music.
And I don’t need to be prepared for making music in Auxy. It’s simple and easy to use



It was a joke

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Ohhh :open_mouth:.
I didn’t get the way you said it :face_with_monocle:

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BTW You joke very professionally :wink:

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auxy is a great tool for more experienced music producers. i started with ableton 3 years ago, so auxy has always been a nice side project for me. the non-chromatic piano roll helps me create melodies too so i don’t have to learn a lot of music theory. i too have a lot of synths that i use, but auxy is way more simplistic so i can easily create ideas in the app that i can later transfer over to ableton to work with.


  1. pick a noise and make a bar graph of sorts with different notes. Lol
  2. Delay up all the way, set to 3/16 or 5/16. (Depending on tempo between 60 and 88 usually.
  3. Adjust pitch, now, readjust pitch again and again and again, now ad sharp pitch shifts.
  4. Adjust tone then shape.
  5. Highpass adjustments now add sharp shifts in highpass, create secondary rhythms.
  6. Change the instrument 6-7 times and go back to the one ya started with.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 3 more times.
  8. Percussions (my least favorite), my go-to is impacts, claps, and rides. Repeat pitch and highpass rituals on the percussions.
  9. Start a new track because you’re lost now.
  10. Create 2 more tracks. They all sound bad.
  11. Now go back to first track, it doesn’t sound terrible really.
  12. Add some simple ethereal tones to create an atmosphere, usually dictated by the mood I’m in currently.
  13. Decide if I think it’s worthwhile sharing. If so pop it up on Auxy disco get a couple comments. If it’s just for me(the noise only a father could love), I just throw it on YouTube so I can put it on a playlist and enjoy.

Seems more compulsive than ritualistic now that I’ve written it out.