What is your ritual when producing?


Almost all of my music starts on either my guitar or my keyboard. I’ll jam for an hour or so and write down all the good ideas I have then I’ll try to expand on them


this is why i love this community


Not trynna be that guy…but…it’s a lot easier to make music when I’m high. I smoke a little bit then I’m able to sit there for as long as I want cuz I’ll be overflowing with creativity. Other than that, I make music anytime I get a strong feeling, be that love, anger, sorrow, or happiness.


I feel like I’d just get lazy.
I usuay do.
But, whatever works for you. :wink:


Us teens have to use pure creativity, and can’t really do that, I mean we can, but, not really


you forgot the beep boop


R.i.p. I did :anguished:


For my rituals…

I turn my iPad on

Browse the forum

“No new messages”

Durn it…

Jot down a few melody ideas…

“This is terrible!”

Welp, back to playing fortnite I guess…


Same here, except instead of going back to fortnite, i just go straight back to the forum in a never ending cycle.


I gotta be honest with you…

I don’t even have fortnite!!


flop floop floopo




Listen to the same thing I’ve been working on for weeks without actually adding anything


the cringe lord approves of this message


ABSOLUTELY ME😂. I never actually do anything I just kinda loop it over and over and then forget about it for a month


ba -d um tssss :kazakhstan: :austin: :australia: :icsleepers:


I write down one idea, play with it for a while, lose motivation for literally no apparent reason, and then I delete the song even though I really like it.


As I grew in my understanding of music, I realized half of my unpublished songs were not as good as I thought they were when I wrote them. I still have 20-30 hip hop beats that I haven’t listened to since I made them. Sometimes I don’t have time to finish them and sometimes I don’t think anything can be salvaged from them.


Just put em out there bro, you never know the outcome for instance on of my songs that i basically hated (chrome) blew up then i got really proud of it


I’m only 19 lol