What is your ritual when producing?


What if you can’t dance to anyone’s stuff because you can’t dance?


Eat some pizza


Oh absolutely not.
I haven’t even seen any Shrek all the way through. :joy:


Shrek is the best anime ever!


I don’t have a studio, lmao


Just do it


None of us have a studio. If you want to make us understand you, replace “studio” with “insert-room-of-your-choice” or “car”.


Ah, well, if it’s a regular room, then more things are acceptable, because it’s not a studio. You can do drugs, or have “relations,” but still no dabbing. Dabbing is NEVER acceptable.

But, if it’s a car, drugs aren’t acceptable either because that would be against the law. “Relations” are good though. Like in the back seat works well. :smirk::wink:


Okay but smashmouth, a band, made this song that became a meme. There’s your explanation


I pray to the auxy gods


Wow! Thanks for informing me!


i do the default dance


That is how it’s done

Probably how @Aqua did it for that remix if I’m not mistaken…


I’m sure they are. Care to detail your experiences for us on this forum full of 12 year olds? :roll_eyes:


I sit on my bed, open Auxy, offer five babies as a peace offering, and then I proceed to make a track.

In actuality, I just make a song whenever I can, in my free time, lol.


What happened to this thread…


Revised edition

Yes, I enjoy talking to my relatives while sitting in the back seat. However, one must consider the possibility of carsickness while engaging in social interaction in a moving car.


Call apron satin himself to embrace you with his divine judgement!


Sorry, mate. I said that a long time ago.


I’m having a smashing time too :wink: