What is your ritual when producing?


Do you do anything particular before or during your time in the studio? I’ve heard people before saying they drink a specific brand of drink or they only make music at night or they have to eat before they get in the studio. What’s your ritual?

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I convert oxygen into carbon dioxide



I say “Well, guess it’s time to do this now”.

Wish I had a more exciting story :frowning:


Laying on me bed, turning on my stereo, opening Auxy, making a new project, making a drum kit, making one drum loop, then I sit on Auxy contemplating what I should do for Like two hours…


I listen to most of my unfinished projects, then dance to them, then I dance while I hum an entirely new idea. That’s when I create a new project.


I don’t, but I do have a few rules:

No drugs in the studio
No dabbing in the studio
No smashing in the studio


Animal sacrifices

I record myself beatboxing my ideas when I have them, and then later I’ll attempt to recreate it. If it’s good, I’ll complete it as a song


Sketch a pentagram on the floor and light a circle of 6 candles around each point. I stand in the middle, arms spread, and speak the dark words of power.


wubwubwubwubwubwub hourandsilkchords wubwubwubwubwubwub


w̷̯̋ ̴͓͊ẹ̴̑ ̴̹̿b̶̯̚ ̶͙͛r̸͈̽ ̷͖̈́ȋ̶̭ ̸͕̇n̵̼͒ ̵̢̄g̷̝͂ ̵͙͋i̵̜͊ ̴̥̆n̶̺̈ ̶̬̅ț̴̐ ̶̙͌h̸̟̀ ̴̀ͅḙ̷͑ ̶̲͠g̸̮̏ ̷̞̑o̴̮̓ ̵͕̔ả̴͕ ̴̻̉t̶̓͜


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what about smash mouth?


I’m serious, if you can’t dance to your stuff, nobody else can. That’s why I gotta test stuff out before I release it.


Something pops into my head, I go into Auxy and put it down on one of my favorite instruments. Sometimes I make some generic chords or percussion.

Once I’m done with all that, I start thinking hard.

Brainstorming for ideas.

I open up an obscure instrument I’ve never used before and I jot down a crazy melody with it. I compile all of these weird ideas and drums and mix it in with the generic stuff.

That’s what I’ve realized I do with all of my favorite songs that I’ve made.


uhhhh idk i usually listen to random tracks on soundcloud for like 2 hours for inspiration then i try to compile various ideas from all of them and make them into my own ideas


I typically spend a few weeks making synth presets, chopping up samples and tuning drum hits.
I’ll put these into ready-to-go sample packs, so I can work faster, later.

When inspiration strikes, I dim the lights, press record, and jam for a few hours.
I’ll then give my ears a few days rest before sorting through the recordings, and deciding which is worth keeping and which to delete.

When I feel like I have enough source material, I’ll go back and arrange them into their final compositions and do a final mix and master.


This is one of the reasons Auxy works well for me, because I can get a sound I need without worrying.

I still have yet to grind out presets for Serum though, I really should. It’s more of a go-along process atm as I learn.


All I really do is think of something for the first time in two weeks and then try to recreate it in a Auxy. It ends up sounding completely different than what I though but still decent.

… but normally, for at least a week, I’m stuck with just an out of place drop bc I can’t think of how to make the other things. (intro, buildup, etc)

And then for a day, I finally get that drop of inspiration I needed and I end up finishing the track really fast.

… but then I stress over what image to use for cover art and whether or not there should be pitch bend on the hihats and if I should add another layer and then I end up releasing the song one or two days later.

Then I realize it’s been like four and a half weeks since I dropped a track so I freak out and just release it.

And then this happens:

(ty @crystldawnmusic, that song probably went through five cover art versions so this really helped me)

then i post my long process in a thread and realize it was asking for a ritual


I make music lol


Well i dont have any…I think that is why my Music never has a soul :frowning: