What is your greatest bit of advice?


This is for all the newbies, and people who want to know more about the app. Post anything that isn’t as obvious when you first join. Give a tip, explain something, or even ask a question. Everyone can learn something new! Even the pros! :slight_smile:

Auxy Tips and Tricks from the "Experienced"

Drums sound better when combined with other drum kits. My personal preference is Stance and Charge since they both have sounds that I personally like.
When their kicks are used together, they create a strong sub driven sound. This is perfect for creating funky yet understandable beats.

Sweepers can help emphasize drums all together. They’re essentially continuous shakers waiting to be used in music. [Musically, of course]



A lot of bass sounds are actually great as leads like bee, freak, lobster and a few others


Pasta is a good example of that too


You can get cool riffs pretty easily by cranking the delay all the way up, using a lot of notes, and then playing with the ducker and delay time


You can also use the sweeper sound to give your drop a little bit of extra power by letting it play the drop melody.


is the sweeper actually affected by pitch though? Or do you mean to just have it mirror the melody rhythmically?


I have to admit I just installed the updated version of auxy like 5 minutes ago, so I don’t know if it still works. But indeed you can just let it play the drop rhytm as well without the pitching. It should be really subtle, and not too loud.


Don’t make your melodies too complicated. A catchy 2 bar melody is great. If you find yourself humming it later, that’s a very good sign.


This is for those of you who post to SoundCloud and other sites. Don’t get too caught up with how many likes, reposts, plays, etc. that your music gets. There was a point where I would see Auxy songs with tons of likes and I would just think to myself “I suck at this”. Every new song I would make, I would delete right away because I thought it was terrible and that no-one would listen to it. That nearly killed my love of music-making. Don’t worry about that stuff, seriously. If you make music just for the love of making music, the attention will come. Plus you’ll be a lot happier with your music. By all means, promote your music and share it with others. Just make sure that attention isn’t the only reason that you make music.


Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone when selecting instruments for your songs. All of them are pretty versatile so be sure to mess with the automation a bit before you write them off.


Your not a newbie? Heheheh i thought u were i only first saw u here less than a week ago


My dude. Ive listened to each and everyone of your songs on sound cloud and i was truly amazed and inspired by what you have made. Never think u arent good enough. Your better than over half of the people here and i know it.


NotMiles hit it spot-on. Don’t worry about what other people think of your music. I mean it’s ok to get advice and stuff, but if your motivation for making music is to just get popular than that motivation probably won’t last long. I struggle sometimes (and I’m sure most other people do to) with worrying about what other people think etc, but it’s important to focus on the music and to simply develop a passion for something you love.


Heh… ill be honest… im guilty of that.


Wow! Thank you very much for the kind words!


Every Auxy track you post will be an archive of what you can do. Each song you post is another step in your long journey.

Take me for example. I used to remix Figure loops, create songs in Garagaband using samples. Now I make Auxy tracks and make yearly album uploads.


oh wow i’m so glad to seen ur post… i stopped putting my tracks on soundcloud and i wanted to delete the ones i hav posted… i don’t even post many on here cuz of the likes or listens. lol… i wud think i made a really good one then wen nobody liked it, my heart broke ;( …havin anxiety disorder definetly doesn’t heLp i guess …but there’s no way ima stop makin music. but you made me feel a LOt better after reading this. thanks! :100::100::yum::kissing_heart::heart:


on the music side, layer melodies and harmonies with multiple instruments for a more defined sound!


First idea, best idea.