What is your favourite song of your own?


The biggest difference from other self promo threads is in this thread @DJ_La_Rocca is trying to listen each song posted. That is really wholesome!!


That’s okay, I prefer it have a story than for u to just spit it out. Considering only using original sounds, it sounds neat. How long u been producing for?


Thanks for listening my song!

I’ve been into high pace song for a long time, but I’d never made a piece which doesn’t sound like broken music player, until then. I’m proud of its epic feeling.
Also my voice was in the song near the end. It was experimental, but I think it turned out ok.


That’s okay! Anytime and Yeah I heard that. I can’t remmeber now as I’ve lost track. Do u like happy hardcore?


I love happy core!
I’m challenging making “happy” core song since my original song tends to be dark. I need cool chord progressions for sure and I’m going to learn some more. Well, stay tuned!! :wink:


I’ve dipped my toes into music making since 2011. I’ve been in and out with music making, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I tried again. In later years I found Auxy and I fell in love immediately! Then I started taking music production more seriously. And here I am today.


Surprisingly, it’s not F15teen… It’s actually this.

My 2nd favorite would have to be this.


Sadly i dont


It does feel like drumstep. But the actual track is 140bpm in 3/4 (wack i know). So technically it’s dubstep.


I gave three huge blurbs next to each track as to why they were my favorites. Most of it was personal events, with the only notable exception being JL Music as it was more a technical achievement more than anything else.


Oh I didn’t notice u put those, I’ll read them now


Noted, thanks


Here is SoundCloud version:


This I guess…