What is your favourite song of your own?


I have many favorites, i think Subway is my most favorite



This has become a self promo thread

Why does this always happen


I like to see what people have to say about their own music. There’s nothing wrong with self promo. Besides we aren’t overdoing it


Also sorry guys I’ll be replying to everyone soon, I’ve gone fishing :joy:


Isnt that an edm artists name?


You mean Virtual Riot?


Oh sorry it was Virtual Self

And yeah Virtual Riot


As the comments said - you’re probably thinking Virtual Self (AKA Porter Robinson) or Virtual Riot. My track is Virtual Friends. :wink:


My favorite track probably has to be “Red Alerts Are For Emergencies Only” because it was just so fun to make! It was in my 4.1.3 EP. The backstory to the EP name is kinda sad for me. 4.1.3 is the version of Auxy I am currently using and I sadly lost all my paid-for instruments so all I had to work with were the original sounds that came with Auxy. It pushed my creativity so it was really fun and I probably would have never wrote it if it wasn’t for losing my instruments. Anyway, enjoy! :>
P.S. Sorry for the long backstory.


I remember that track :point_right::sunglasses::point_right:


lol i see
my bad :smiley:


Was t expecting that. That’s pretty sick. Would of liked to see more variation in the drop tho. Like some transitions or some fills maybe? Some effect?

I was expecting the “subway” synth in this song. Due to the title aha


What genre is this? Is this supposed to be drumstep?


Something different. Too much goin on for lyrics to go over it tho. Very distracting. Maybe take that into consideration for next time. Nice vocals though


You’ve earned a follow buddy. Keep this stuff up.

Also sick pro pic


Nice intro man. This gets intense and it’s pretty Cool to see stuff like this in auxy. Very chill and different. I like it


Do u have a soundcloud version?


I can see you’re still developing. If u listen to ur old music, it’s actually a really good way to improve, by saying to urself what u could of added and to see how much u have improved. I listen to my own music very frequently, and by listening to my old stuff I always think to myself, maybe I could of added this here or this there etc. I encourage u to continue listening to ur own music and making notes. We will each improve all the time if we put in effort and persistence for our passions. There is no achievement without effort.

Also, mind telling me why these are ur favourites?


This one definitely.
inspired by the game “Detroit become human”

Please allow me to post this one as well
Memeful than others, but I have lots of memories with this song.


Very fast paced. I like it, it’s very hapoy. Gotta set my treadmill to 9000. Tell me why ur proud of this track?