What is your favourite song of your own?


Experiment gone right. Just try get your mixes right and don’t clutter things. Don’t try overpower something and keep everything smooth. :slight_smile: if u ever need advice add me on Snapchat


I used a mixture of instruments, and the vocal samples are all just me recorded myself lol.


Bit off topic, but I knew from the very beginning you were gonna be back :joy: nonetheless, I’m glad, but also sorry that it didn’t work out…

My favorite has to be Exium: https://soundcloud.com/zephsound/exium

Because I feel like it marked a turning point from beginner to intermediate for me


Thank you though man :cry:


Once I save up enough money I’ll be back on it. I really need to put my potential into a real DAW. Just going through some struggles atm.


I’m currently in the making of a dubstep song but it’s not ready a all. Can I send the project to u to look at?


By all means, I’d love to help out.


I want to say all of them, as all I listen to on my phone on my way to and from work is a playlist of my own music. But that would be cheating.

I want to say it’s one of my older works, but that would mean that I haven’t changed in my music and haven’t grown.

I want to say it’s one of the songs from the (newer) JL Music side/project because a lot of my innovation has gone into that, but I still have yet to release what I’d consider my favorite song from that side project.

I want to say it’s one of the songs from my current project as E/E, but again the song I’d be choosing… has yet to be released as well.

Of the songs I’ve actually released, I’ll put up one for each of the projects I’ve done, to give a fair assessment, and a little blurb why.

James Lucien: https://soundcloud.com/james-lucien-official/the-man-who-cares-too-much

(Oh boy this is long for a blurb...)

This song meant a lot to me when I first wrote it. I was going through a rough patch and I ended up losing a friend in the wake of conflict that had arisen at the end of my fall semester. This song sort of commemorates my attitude towards that person, as I wasn’t really welcome around in the same way. It always felt awkward, and I never knew what was wrong and I kept trying to fix things. In the end, I cared too much. This sentimentality became a song idea after I had the idea to record a spoken poem describing this sort of situation. It’s short and bittersweet.

E/E: https://soundcloud.com/eslashe/dense-extended-mix

(this one got a little long too)

Dense was the first song I wrote for the E/E project back in late December. It was a quirky little house track made entirely in garageband, with emphasis on strings. I then wrote a blended Auxy/Garageband track that incorporated synths into the drop as well as a plucky arp. At the time, Auxy still didn’t have any native strings, so I sort of left my strings at the door. In february, I ended up getting a copy of FL Studio and with the intent to learn I remade the song using FL Studio plugins and Serum. It was relatively rough, but it captured the essence of the song, but it still was missing the sound it had when it was still made with Auxy. Fast-forward to August and I had just released 2050 AD and was thinking of releasing an EP, I was unsure what to include. Then it hit me to make a longer remix of Dense with the Auxy strings as well as what I had learned through producing 2050 AD. I brought back my favorite element from the original Auxy mix, which was the synth chords of flower and a few other sounds as well as the satisfying mist arp I had made. Introducing buildups as well as a proper lead melody to the drop was icing on the cake, and it all turned out into one of my most personally satisfying tracks to produce.

JL Music: https://soundcloud.com/jl_official/ambient-rimshots-remix

(Definitely not a blurb)

It was hard to pick as I only have released four or so official tracks under the JL Music project currently. However, I think it is important to understand why I chose this song. It’s technically my most involved project to date, with countless hours tweaking and tuning the elements I threw in to bring the ambient rimshots demo project to life. The delay and reverb saturation on each hit panning across the audible range really struck me as something special, and the way it morphs into both drops with a heavy pounding kick to back it up really leaves a satisfying smile on my face after every listen. It’s a shame that it didn’t get a lot of recognition, but the JL Music project is still kicking off at this point and I’m sure that in the future it will get the attention it deserves ;3

Well that was quite a mouthful.


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Idk maybe this one…cinematic music is pretty sweet. https://soundcloud.com/user-andrewadams/we-fight-as-one


Yeah, definitely, that drop is awesome


Thanks dude, I really appreciate that! :cry:


Just want to say… I’m not a Snapchat person. But, I’ll find a way to ask for advice. :wink:


I think this is my favorite song of my own…What do you guys think?


The boi is back [I’m vulture]


Insomnia is a classic pick, but I’m really happy with my latest release, Hologram. Also, I’m really happy with how my Insurgency LP turrned out. I’d have to say may favorite from that album is Rotation.


I made a meme track out of some spongebob samples… Mayo


here are my favourite songs produced using Auxy:



Virtual Friends or Unity (Not released yet).


https://soundcloud.com/hexx-official/crippled <— Probably one of my best


probably my 2 un-released tracks that i’ve been working on forever. Dystopia and Tactical.

As for released, it’d probably be Enigma. It’s not great the more i feel like i’ve improved and it’s pretty repetitive, but i have always enjoyed the very “wonky” feel of the track.
(also it’s probably my favorite album art. Simple, yet I think it looks great.)