What is your favourite song of your own?


Tell me what your favourite track is! That you produced. Mine has always been https://soundcloud.com/roccasounds/stay-strong

What’s yours?


I’ve gotta say Versante: https://soundcloud.com/insolidaritymusic/versante


Very nice.


Thank you!


Hey you said a while back that you were “leaving” Auxy for another DAW, was it FL?


Yes… what happened is I jumped the gun way too quick and thought my music career was gonna change. I bought a crap computer by accidnet coz I didn’t do my research and yeah I need a better computer with more RAM etc. I’ve spent nearly 2 grand so far on tryna set all that stuff up. So yeah it’s taking me time. I think I’ll be with Auxy for quite a while. I have to spend a lot more money yet and I still need to get good at fl studio. :slight_smile:


Yeah. I just got it and it takes a lot


Nice track up there btw, I can see why you are proud of it :blush:


Yeah thanks buddy. That’s 2 years old :slight_smile:


Listen to Bondage by Levismusic #np on #SoundCloud


Is this ur own song?


100 percent made by me yes


This one is my favourite.



Just because it’s literally one of the best auxy made dubstep drops I have ever created.



I would say this https://soundcloud.com/xtrk/bigarms-rmx


Pretty unique too


Love the progression and the sounds… but when the drums come in it’s way too chaotic. However you earned yourself a follow :slight_smile: I’m from Melbourne btw


Bloody oath, this is sick! What’s that vocal sample? Also that chiptune fill in the drop is awesome. Growls are sickkkkk. Did u use restart?


:running_woman: Nice


This was me experimenting when I got the app. Thanks for the advice anyway; and the follow. :wink: