What is your favorite drum kit?

My favorite drum kit is Cosmic’s Drum Kit 1 & 2. Hands down, one of the best hip-hop drum kits I would recommend in my Top 10 Drum Kit list. Here’s the link to the drum kit. http://www.mediafire.com/file/un5avuu0ns12swh/Cosmics_Drum_Kit_Vol1%262.rar/file (it actually isn’t a rar file. when you download it, its a zip file lol) What’s your favorite drum kit? Place your favorite drum kit link in a post so I can see!

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I like Appetite and Ledge a lot


I like ones that sound good to me


Not something like that. Something like a drum kit that has imported samples lmao

Nah. Auxy ones are good too.

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my favorite drum kits are the ones I make

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I’ll go with that as well.

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Spiral is pretty good. But none of them are really best for future bounce

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lol what kind