What is this oldschool House song?

It’s an old song similar to “love sensation hi tack burnin up 2006 mix”.

And all I know is she says “touch me, kiss me” and then the next line. “Want me, love me”

Anyway the bass line goes something like this. I’ve been searching for this song everywhere, if any of you can help it’d be much appreciated.


i searched for about 20 minutes but couldn’t find it. That bass line is super familiar though. Bet @akabillposters would know if anyone on disco would

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Cheers for the effort

Haven’t listened to the project file. But,


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Thanks to my awesome mum. Who got me into house as a child. I asked her if she knew it and I found the song!

Here it is

And I remade it here. Not 100% but its close.


Thanks for trying to help

Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I wouldn’t have got it on this occasion.
I’d largely stopped listening to 4/4 by the very early '00s. Certainly nothing mainstream.

(I did chuckle when I read ‘oldschool House’ and ‘2006’ in the same sentence. :wink:


Same. Pretty much ruined my day…



To us 00’s kids 2006 is oldschool House aha

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Oh, I’ve pretty much given up getting bothered by the fact that these bloomin’ millennials have appropriated and repurposed so many music/genre terms.

Oldschool, dubstep, ‘progressive house’, ‘experimental’, …

They’ve got no respect!



Don’t get me started on progressive house… :_yikes:

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Instead unicorns we’re gonna have the Grandpa challenge :older_man:t3: They’re a lot harder to take care of than unicorns. Need to be driven everywhere, sometimes wander off, and wait till you see the pill matrix they need daily! Yikes!



You could be describing millennials…

• Need to be driven everywhere > mom/dad taxi service
• sometimes wander off > because they have their noses in their phone
• wait till you see the pill matrix they need daily > going large or go home!



Lmaoooo oh man that is… true lol

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@DJ_La_Rocca lucky, my parents don’t even know what pop, hip hop, and obviously what edm is.

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I grew up with House because of my mum

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Even as a millennial, I was offended by this “not old school House.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I know my House music.
I’m not that old, but I’m not that young. :grimacing:

Yah ik