What is the song that got you noticed?


well i got more recognition in the form of lots of love from @INDIR3CT, a comment from Produk, and a like from Auxy on Flex. Things got exponentially better from there with another Auxy like and many plays on space and some good attention with consistent likes from Auxy. I finally got a repost with Storm and soon after, my collaboration with @Mr_Mooo, Meraki. Then I got noticed with a collab release on Frontier, Spectrum. Just yesterday, I got my second solo repost with Monument. So I think it really was Flex that originally got me noticed, but it’s an ongoing process that a single track can’t account for.


no your new stuff will be sick and get tons of recognition


the first solo song i did that got an auxy repost was bells. however, i think the one that actually got me noticed was this actual trash, aka my song solstice - i had just uploaded it when i got forum member of the week.


Pew Pew Lasers!


Thanks. I have a lot coming up :wink:


Like, recognised. Discovered




I was making a joke on how I’m not noticed yet


You’ve been pretty quiet :confused:


Nah that’s not what I mean. But holy crap… is this Auxy? It’s awesome. I love the drums


It’s very chill. That reverse piano ur going For is great and the arps are mad. Wish u had of sidechaiend tho…


I hear og Auxy drums


I still remember I joined Chrome remix contest huhuhuhuhu…
_ (┐「ε:) _


Those Diss tracks!!
Pt.4 …?
I’m always too afraid of being roasted tho :poultry_leg:


I’m taking a poll, and people are wanting to see Lenberg next


Yeah I agree with you. This is relatively old though so it’s not surprising that it’s not as good as my current stuff


My new page is Aqzi :>


Why do u keep changing ur name so much


I first got an Auxy repost for Dream back in Feb. 2017


Yes all made in Auxy