What is the song that got you noticed?


After producing music for 3 years I had finally got my first repost by Auxy on https://soundcloud.com/roccasounds/cureless-pain

What song got u noticed?


If by “noticed” you mean an Auxy repost, it was my latest song which also happened to be a collab with you. :slight_smile:



Not necessarily your firs repost. Just whichever song set you off. Mine just happened to be that way coz I was small


Holy crap 96 likes?



“Noticed” doesn’t really apply in this case but I’ll take what I can get.


for me that one was N o t h i n g p l z r e p o s t


Probably Chrome. Then I died out again.


Definitely Pastel City



My track Insanity got a repost from Auxy and has had a lot of love from people on here.

I have never been noticed by any famous DJs though if that’s what you mean?


ぺを ぺを ぁせろそ
I tried…


Keep at it buddy! Over time you’ll get better and earn urself some recognition!


I think I started to get noticed close to when I posted Wind. It’s crazy how much i’ve improved since then


Austin Haga reposted one of my earlier tracks Falling, after that, Auxy followed me, I got some reposts, and then I started on my way to… now :slight_smile:


crazy to imagine that it’s been more than a year since Auxy reposted my track Aquarius, which basically made me “gud”


My first repost was Crippled 2, but they had known me prior. They also UNreposted it, which is whatever, because they reposted Collective With K.ro not too long after. Probably blew up in the community after Diss Track Pt. 1


The one that got me on a lot of radars was my collab with @sn.ow.y Dust Off That Analog… it’s my most played track at 659


what does noticed mean



It’s my most liked song, and I released it 9 months ago


Idk, probably Palms.


If my being noticed as getting an Auxy Repost, the songs that got me close to being noticed is the Reborn Album image