What is swing for?

ok guys i know i know.Yeah i have minimal music knowledge.But i never used swing and when use it to see the difference on the track i don’t see any difference.What is swing for?


I can’t explain, so I’ll give you this to mess around with.

It’s essentially adding a more human feel to programmed music.

It’s typically achieved by slightly nudging every second beat of a 16th pattern.

Notice how every 2nd beat (red) moves slightly forward as the swing is increased.

You won’t be able to see the difference in Auxy, but you should be able to hear/feel it.


Hmm i see.Thanks i will use swing For my next project.Its usefull as i can see

I used to use swing a lot, i tend to just use 6/8 styled rhythms (triplets) cause the swing feature doesnt go far enough imo. useful for stuff that doesnt want to have triplet rhythm i guess

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