What is staff picks?


I seen Auxy post a playlist “staff picks 2019” what is this


@lenberg @Fredrik probably best to ask the gents direct, nothing I’ve seen or aware of.



I’d think the title is pretty self explanatory: it’s a collection of some of the tracks that the developers particularly liked that were posted that month


You guys think they’re gonna do this for every month then?


It’d be pretty cool I think!


A good way to get some positive attention and value behind their reposts from users again imo


new thing
their favs from every month
knowledge gained via eyesight


Yeah but the thing that I don’t understand is why January and not feb?


Tracks posted in January?


Because they wanted to do January first!


I’m saying like, it’s march now, so where’s feb


Idk dude if they didn’t think of it until this month


Havent seen it yet, but im guessing the whole thing is Austin or Kayasho


nope i got in, so did @Foxlike, and a few others


oh congrats :ok_hand:


It’s going to be a monthly thing from what I know


So we’re back the whole insider knowledge thing… ugh let’s not start this again


I’m the one who suggested to Lenberg we do it monthly and make a “Auxy Rewind” compilation type thing at the end of the year, though I think he already had that in mind. Anyways, I don’t tell him what to do and he doesn’t tell me much about what’s coming. I can only guess!