What is one genre that it would be super-frustrating for you to make?


I like a lot of genres haha
I’m not very into dubstep but I have made it on other daws


Perhaps there is some confusion about the difference between an actual growl and a bass

I could be completely wrong so correct me if I am

But I was under the impression that a dubstep growl had a vocal quality of a sort that distinguished it from any other type of bass

Listen to something by virtual riot

Or some of illeniums songs like Gold, or Kill the noise
To see the type of dubstep sound I am referring to


I made growls before, in Auxy. I can dm you a song that I included growls in if that’s fine to you.




Why yes you can, just remember to credit me


ok :slight_smile:


I’m not sure that is the correct terminology, but if you’re struggling to make the kind of thing you’re referring to

  1. Experiment with automation and sound design on all different sounds, including leads (pitch down)

  2. If you want I can send a project file with my personal favorite growls in app

  3. If you use an external DAW, just import your serum (or whatever plugin you use) presets into Auxy! Problem solved!

I hope this was helpful. Trust me, I’ve made some sick dubstep/trapstep in Auxy


As long as it’s less than 10 seconds rip xD

Although at that point I’d recommend exporting the stems from Auxy and putting them into your external DAW to make the samples easier to work with…


Yes, this would work as well


Anything minimal I struggle with. Mainly because it’s hard for me to keep things simple yet remain interesting. I tried making some minimal dnb like this

But I just sounded awful and got boring.


lmao trap is easy




Not if it’s good


to clarify for everyone else what I’m pretty sure what you’re asking for is the sound you hear at 0:24


That’s the sound I’m reffering to.
I’m pretty sure that that’s not possible to make in auxy


you can make it in your DAW and import to Auxy if you want that particular one. There are lots on good in app dubstep sounds though js


Sad face


Haha sorry what I was trying to say was that you can make a super unoriginal trap beat in 5 minutes, but to make an original, unique trap song, it takes a lot of effort

There is so much bland trap out there


Orrrrrr you could be so unoriginal that the world of mainstream pop picks you up and you become a massive success