What is one genre that it would be super-frustrating for you to make?


Weld is a dubstep growl for example.


Tfw someone quoted the entire topic description and gets more likes (☞Ƹ̵̡_Ʒ)☞


Country on Auxy must be brutally confusing to make.


No disrespect intended of course, purely opinionated, but, with the proper automation, layering and key, one can most definitely create some nasty brostep growls in Auxy.


This guy, of all guys, would know. It’s not as easy as it is in other software, but Goxenar and Xiejra are two that come to mind who have done this.

And, even scarier, listen to some Devoid of Joy around these parts. This guy writes POWER NOISE. All Auxy. Massively impressive.


You forgot me


Will.someone please make a country song?


Then show me that V i r t u a l R i o t growl


Hybrid Trap is just a genre that requires external sounds to achieve well (for now) so yes


And as for mine it would probably be Anything House, and Lo-fi. Those two are agrivating to try and make and both blend with a sound that stays true to my previous style


Now it’s future bass. I dunno, but legitimate future bass is pretty hard to do for me. I guess it’s the drums. Gets hard for me in terms of the drums…

Also, I can’t layer future bass chords for crap. Help.


Weld is not a dubstep growl


So you can make dubstep noises
But not real dubstep growls


Dubstep growls arise from regular “noises”, not necessarily dubstep, specific “noises”. For example a simple “beep” sound with automation, can be used to create a dubstep growl.


Have you ever made dubstep before?


Wondering the same thing myself. I thought you were into chill stuff


Just apply W U B S


Here, try this out and see what you can do!


I can make it into my own Auxy track?


I have but not in auxy