What is one genre that it would be super-frustrating for you to make?


I would say dubstep. Yeah sure, someone else made it, (@AlexLambert), but that doesn’t mean it was easy. If you listen to his song, “Pluto”, one can tell he put in a crapload of effort, and I don’t even want to know how long he took on it!!



Id say future bass is pretty simple.


trap if you want it to be original


Trip hop




Anything that relies heavily on melody. I don’t have the talent for it :sweat_smile:


Trap beats are eeeaaassyy


Ha not for me


Pretty much the opposite for me. I find it difficult to make songs that aren’t melody heavy.


I’d say that probably one of the only genres I have trouble composing is Deep House, or just house in general.
Also a bit if drum n bass, not much of a fan of these two so I don’t try to experiment with them.


A lot of EDM genres revolve around house lol. House has the most sub genres. So you probably have come across some sort of house before. Nothing is impossible


:wink: Tutorial? Hehe


Anything but Future Bass


I dunno which genre, but the one where you slap down the first 2 bar melody that comes into your head and repeat it for 16 to 32 bars and try to spice it up by playing it on a different sound and then sprinkle some dumb drum buildups throughout. That would be super frustrating to make for me as a person always trying to make good music


Future Bass. It is my most favorite genre of music, but hard to create since I can’t think of ways to set up chords and choose the right samples for the drums. I have used Auxy for about 1 1/2 a years and I think I progressed about 47% more than when I first used Auxy. I need that F U T U R E B A S S S S S S


You mean modern EDM?


All joking aside that sounds like a very watered down form of progressive house or trance. More like a catchy cash grab than true music, if you ask me, and hardly could qualify as progressive or house/trance at all. Wouldn’t even necessarily call it music, to be honest.


Bigroom house


For chords I would recomend starting with just a bass note


Riddim, dubstep, chillout,