What is one genre that it would be super-frustrating for you to make?


Just throw a cowboy hat on your phone with Auxy open, give a little “yeehaw”, and call it a day


Yeah, easy. AP-001 was literally “N. Flyckt Signature Country Guitars”



Next thing you know, AP-009 is that.


Nooooooooo. Don’t say that!


Honestly…cough cough Future Bass cough cough


Good future bass


oh no that would be


Definitely complicated to make using the Auxy application, but most definitely not impossible.



Would this be considered dubstep? I believe it’s more like melodic dubstep.


Actual hybrid trap. The amount of sound design and audio engineering that goes into making it is crazy.


Anything with a lot of bass.


I made some with the new guitar pack :joy:


O no


Yo he’s back! :open_mouth:


Uh, yeah, I guess


What do you guys think is the hardest genre to produce?

Why is it hard to produce?


For me, future Bass is probably the hardest. The chords have to be absolutely perfect or the whole song sounds dissonant. Also, so many melodies to keep track of!


In Auxy, glitch hop is the hardest. So many different tweaks and twists to add, and that kind of thing is very hard in Auxy. Possible, but very hard. I think there’s only been 1 or 2 glitch hop songs form Auxy.


Ive tried to make a country song with auxy

Yeah no…Its really hard