What is one genre that it would be super-frustrating for you to make?


I have tried and failed at jazz


One day…




Honestly dubstep though


Can I just make a glorious MIDI ">"
It’d be so much easier.


Go for it


I love dubsteb, but I have so much trouble trying to make it.


Yeah it’s really tough


u rite


Dubstep and Jazz.


For me, anything that doesn’t have pieces of jazz in it. Especially mainstream pop. Makes me want to puke.


I change my mind, House Music is hard to make.

wake up me and the post


Ahem. Hello. Just to reiterate:

Mainstream pop = icky

Good? Good.

Have a nice day.

Edit: what was the point of this? Why am I the way that I am?


Turns out that anything with a lot of drums is the most super-frustrating thing for me to make.


Future bass. Idk why I just can’t. I do make some metal tho lol.


Country or rap


Probably Neurofunk but I want to make it so much


I hope nobody tries to make Auxy country music


-deletes a project-


What do you mean Country is so easy to make in Auxy I mean they have so many guitars and umm… cowboy hats