What is one genre that it would be super-frustrating for you to make?


This could be any genre - metal, orchestra, anything! The genre that would be hard for me is Metal, cause 1. I don’t know how to shake my head up and down and not get a headache, and 2. I don’t understand the circumstances of playing a guitar. Let me hear your opinion!

Hardest genre to produce?
Hardest genre to produce?


anything not house =P


Trap surprisingly


EDM :hear_no_evil:


Country. Orchestral?? That’s more than one.

Country :smirk:



you can choose more than one btw


EDM or classical piano music. I don’t know theory or have actual interment skills


Industrial / Glitch Hop. (110 BPM is my enemy)


Future Bass actually. I love doing 128 bpm and not 150-180 bpm


House is actually something I hated making, even if people were saying it was great what I was doing using it. I just felt uninspired making it. It felt too simple, too easy. I dunno.


Jazz and downtempo stuff
I mean besides DnB and future bass and house and trap and edm and moohmabatohn and flume step and trap and hiphop and rnb and dubstep and ochestral and piano and everything


Mainstream pop… yuck


me + future bass these days amirite
amirite or amirite
im rite

like if you get the refrence


Everything because I’m a n00b.


i can’t make a trap beat




I would be thoroughly impressed if someone could pull that off with Auxy.


Black MIDI


@NYC that’s easy. Just get freak or blob and add every note possible.