What is my signature sound?

Alright guys, it’s Tornait. I’ve been having a bit of a crisis lately. My mind has been abhorring how everyone apparently calls my music ‘jazzy’. However, I still feel like I’m struggling to embrace a signature sound. So, I’m asking you guys for your opinions. In words other than ‘jazzy’, what would you say is my signature sound?

Or do I not have one? If so, then what could I do to develop a signature sound?

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Everyone has a signature sound, you don’t really try to find it, you are it. You embrace it. At the end of the day, no one is going to put down the same notes as you, in that order, with those same effects. So turn that crisis into a revelation :slight_smile:


I appreciate what you’re saying, but at the same time, it’s not helping me. I’m having trouble with putting stuff into actual application. Simply put, I’m having a bit of a slump, especially when it comes to actually creating a signature sound.

Besides, I feel like my skill with Auxy is actually reverting back. I mean, it feels like I’m getting worse.

I’m not sure what you’re saying. Jazz is an original, fun style that you have. You should be happy!

If you really want my opinion, your sound is a an upbeat house style… (I wanna say an upbeat jazzy house. :joy: )

I don’t really know if this will help, but don’t try to create a signature sound, just create sounds. Naturally, you will develop your own signature sound, without trying. Just keep making music. If you are struggling to make music, just throw down some notes(on a piano preferably) and see where it takes you.


C h i l l e d

You are definitely not getting worse as an artist. I’ve heard your music then and I’ve hear it now, and you’ve improved so much.


Idek tbh.
Jazzy groovy eccentric downtempo-ish something or other

slumps happen. ive been in many. especially recently. but always keep creating stuff. or just take a nice long break and come back. you’ll find your signature sound. I started in March, and didnt find my sound until about 5 weeks ago. keep it up man.


Well for a while I was putting cool intros for my songs which you can hear in cureless pain for example for the first 1 second or 2. Or sometimes I fade in the intro with 1 bar previous. But it all depends

Your music just has that nice swing to it. And it’s great.

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I like that drummy and that bassy.

My signature sound is music. That’s all.

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VERY true! It happens to everyone at some point. Even the best had their ups and downs! @tornait Don’t put yourself down. Instead learn From mistakes. Thomas Edison didn’t create the light bulb right away, He found thousands of ways to not make it. Don’t give up!:+1: