What is Auxy's font?

I really like the font, so if anyone has a link to the DL or knows what it’s called, I’d really appreciate it!

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£48–104 per weight per platform, depending on use.

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It was actually custom made- in henrik’s words “by a Swedish guy that lives in the mountains” Henrik and Fred own the font as it was specifically made for Auxy.


I did a comparison with the typeface used in the UI and the one used on the Auxy.co website (which is Aperçu), and I’m pretty sure it’s the same typeface.

If that’s the case, then Henrik was spinning you a line.
It had nothing to do with Auxy, and is commercially available from Colophon.


"Aperçu was started in December 2009…"
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Well my only knowledge is what Henrik told me, I suppose there’s always a possibility he’s wrong. They do look almost identical

I suppose there’s always a possibility he’s wrong.

It would be a strange thing to be ‘mistaken’ about.
I’d presume he knows for fact whether he did or didn’t commission it for Auxy.

The only way both things are true is if the font used in the app is a direct rip-off of Aperçu (keeping in mind that the Auxy website is using Aperçu).

They do look almost identical

Which differences did you spot?
I looked at the characters that typically show differences and they were the same.

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