What is Auxy Jam?

Here is another example of all the features. The icon with the arrow facing down just opens up the projects menu.

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Whoa… wait. Did it always show the Auxy jam icon on the bottom left when this app was created? If you want to know more, that opens up the tutorials, support, and rate the app.

Hey! Funny that you noticed the “new” app. We’re launching it officially tomorrow and had just put it out in the App Store to make sure everything works etc.

It’s the classic app but we have updated it various ways, especially what goes on in the background, which obviously isn’t obvious when you look at it. :slight_smile: For instance, it now has the same sound engine as the main Auxy, which means we’ve been able to add a bunch of new sounds to it.

The reason we’re bringing this app back is that we think it’s a really nice app that makes a lot of sense for certain types of users. Especially people who want to learn to make music, e.g. kids and schools, etc. For those users, the upfront pricing and a fixed number of sounds usually work better than subscriptions and a huge library.

Will go through your comments above and answer specific things below…


Because there are still people who use the original app and we don’t want to break their projects, mainly by changing all the sounds, so we thought it was better to start clean.


Indeed! We used this to get some inspiration for which sounds to add to it. Note that this app is a very different thing than the current Auxy though. It’s much more limited in scope, which is also why it’s really easy to get started with, but we don’t want anyone to get the impression that this is the same app with different pricing.


Happy to answer in the AB forum later as well.

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You mean my point about iPad music making being a niche and that it’s more exciting to do stuff for iPhone? This is still true, obviously, but we still think it’s a nice app for the people that have iPads. We’re obviously a business, albeit a pretty small and passionate one, so I don’t really understand the sentiment about it not being altruism? Making the business sustainable is the only way to deliver great products over time.


We have removed MIDI out since this app has a very different target group than people who want to sequence hardware synths. Although we’re considering maybe doing a MIDI only type version if that makes sense?


Cool I think folks would enjoy your presence there. Auxy has quite a weird following over there…

Oh I agree. Yeah I just thought it was weird that ~80% of revenue is from smaller form factor devices, but then this app is iPad only.

However, if your target is youngins and the education sector, then this makes perfect sense. My kids have iPads, not phones. And most schools are rocking iPads in some fashion, not iPod touch/iPhone.

What does that mean?

Right, but this app was already designed and developed for iPad and we honestly don’t expect to make that much money from it regardless.


People are very, very divided on the app… there’s no middle ground lol.

Edit: With that said though, most people seem to agree you guys have done a good job keeping value there with the constant content updates.

Yo this is epic! Thank you @lenberg and @Fredrik !
I will definitely be making use out of this!


Thanks! Leaving a review would be really helpful if you end up getting the app and like it. :pray:


@lenberg Just to confirm, is this the “collection” that you were talking about when you asked for our favorite sounds?

To some extent, yes, but it also influences some other work that we’re doing. :wink:


Auxy lite subscription or something along those lines?