What is a song you made that was hard to make?

What was the hardest song you made? For me, it is Ekstrak - Chaos.( https://soundcloud.com/shane-brown-97094682/ekstrak-chaos )Not only it was my first trak, but it was also the hardest, since I suck at making EDM it Electro House music. Now, I want to hear yours!

This was… https://soundcloud.com/pluto-power/master
some how took me 3 days.

Same as it ever was

Includes a 32-bar, jazzy solo.

While it’s not a complex piece overall, I wanted to create something that wasn’t a sequence of slightly varying loops. (No judgment. I make those kind of tracks too.)

This track was my first attempt at including a ‘solo’. I’m much more familiar and comfortable working that way now.


i’ve only had times where i usually give up on tracks and rework them in a month or so… f l u i d… was probably hard to make, since there was no automations at the time, it would be hard organizing the track.


All of them ^^’ easy to begin and hard to finish


Oh my goodness… Ashen is by far my most difficult track to make. Almost scrapped it at one point because I got so frustrated with it. :sweat_smile:

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We have a lot in common lol, my first track was also the most difficult one make! But I work hard for it and I’m proud of it

All of them

Oh wow… well… the hardest track I’ve ever made was Re/Fragmented. In terms of time, this song has been undergoing revisions and changes for over six months, on and off, and a total of five (yes five) different versions being posted at one point or another! I still have the crappy original cover art I did using Microsoft Word even, before I adopted my signature blurring style. There’s also a remix contest currently for this track, as I do feel it’s currently the best work I’ve put out to date.

But, in terms of frustration and almost giving up, the remix of Produk’s Singularity was easily the most frustrating to make, as I nearly gave up on five or six separate occasions. It was just so foreign to work with something I’ve never really done in my songs, so it became much more difficult than I had imagined.

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Hate to paraphrase a lot of people…but, all of them. Hard to start a good song, but once I finally get on a roll it gets easier. That’s why I like colabs.

Probably Sulfur Caves. The music bit wasn’t too difficult, but I think it was the only song that I’ve made that was physically demanding. I spent 8 hours straight making that song. I got way to into it and I forgot to eat. By hour 7, I started feeling woozy and ridiculously tired. I could barely get out of my chair when I finally did decide to go eat, because I couldn’t focus anymore.

The song I just spent all morning on and then deleted the part of it that was hard to make by mistake ;-;

My song Top Ramen that I haven’t posted yet. I’ve been working on it everyday for several weeks and it’s still has several parts unfinished.

Edit: I FINISHED! I also spent 4 hours on it today…:https://soundcloud.com/blameese/top-ramen

R.I.P. song.

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