What is a good way to get your music noticed?

I make music on here but not many people see the songs I make.


Do you have a SoundCloud page?

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Yes. My username is Glacial Viper

hey this might sound weird but the strategy that worked for me is get really really good so that you like your music enough that you think others will too then pop the auxy soundcloud page a message, they’re pretty receptive

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I just listened to tea and it’s a really good track

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If you have a discord, I’d also recommend checking out this post:

Check out all the servers, but as far as raw promotional capability and getting your music known, I’d recommend the following server:

The Auxy Collective

You’d be eligible for a community voted repost to the network / audience which could really help you more than just posting your link around.


Repost trading. Find a bunch of people in and outside of the Auxy community (join discord servers) and repost each others songs for 24 hours.

Also, promote your music on discord. Join hella servers for music.

How do I send messages on there soundcloud page?

cc. @Vokon

Don’t solicit the Auxy SoundCloud page for promotion. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll respond and there are more effective and responsive pages out there that you can submit to.


“Musicians hate him! Find out the one weird trick that gets his music noticed!”

Joking aside, I seriously have my doubts that this actually would work. If anything it would only further alienate you from their attention.


Thanks. What Method out of all of these should I try? I feel there is a bias towards certain genres of music, such as future bass. I am a part time musician, and I make music for fun. I posted a track called weather preview, which is some of the melodies and bass lines from my first album. My main inspirations are David Bowie, Andrew Huang, CreoMusic, and Twenty One Pilots. Anyways, It will cost money, and on my soundcloud it says what it will be released on, but I don’t have anything on my profile that I will be releasing it on. Do you have any ideas on how to get an audience from scratch when you have one elsewhere?

I’d highly recommend looking towards discord servers and other networks of producers and such that help you with feedback and inadvertent promotion.

Phuture Collective
TeamMBL (Actual usefulness may vary)

I’d also strongly recommend looking at the Auxy Collective, run by Arimyth and other members of the community. There’s a voting system for reposts that helps, and a relatively active feedback section. It’s a great way to communicate and know people.

There’s tons of articles and guides online to building audiences, just add some google searches to your recipe. The unfortunate reality with modern music production is that it’s 90% promotion and around 10% actual production, meaning networking and constant promotion across social media platforms are quintessential to growth.

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Just saying, I actually did that like a year ago. Auxy followed me the next day.

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I see, maybe I need to run some experiments on this to see if this is still a viable method of recognition. If that was all it took, I’m really going to feel stupid xD

Although to be fair, there’s been a huge shift in the way the soundcloud operates since a year ago, maybe it’s no longer the case. Even still, if that’s all it took then definitely go for it.

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just upload your song to soundcloud and send it to all your friends, that works for me, my song “indecision” got like 120 plays within a month with almost no promotion other than sending it to a few friends

interesting… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

that’d probably work for me if all my friends weren’t all into mumble rap or kpop when I make dubstep/drumstep


i meant my internet friends, there’s only a few people who listen to that stuff in real life

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