What if we made a "label"?

Guys, who’s up for makeing a sort of “auxy label”? We could grow up together and help each others❤️


Haha really like that idea!!
Some minor things though: who will run the label, and decides what to post/release? Since there’s so much music coming from the community

I’d love to help!

There is already an Auxy label. It’s at soundcloud.com/oracle-music. Mirai (he’s not on the forum), @viiitality and I run it. Our discord is https://discord.gg/Atc9UaA.

Feel free to join us! Please note that the label is not an official Auxy service, i.e. Lenberg and Co. did not initiate it.


There will be no owners, everyone could post whatever he thinks is worth it

But then people would start posting way too much stuff, and the whole point would be gone.

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But the idea is to put all the members on the same plane…

I think that there could be different branches for record labels.

I mean, there are two “competing” labels in the EDM world, Ultra and Spinnin’. I think that we could be friendly but there does not have to be one distinct label.

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Yes but we could create for example the “auxy future bass community” so everyone could post his future bass track and the others will help him to get better

Err, I’m not sure it’s a true label unless it’s developer sanctioned

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Sounds like an awesome idea. I would love to help with this. :ok_hand:

People could post troll songs not made on Auxy. There has to be
a moderation/acception platform of some sort.


I agree, but its not technically a label, it’s an artist collective that accepts songs, not artists.


Ah okay.

I don’t think so, this community is composed for the major part of civil and nice people, i’m sure that it will never happen…

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“For the major part” implies at least a small presence of people who don’t fit in the group of “civil and nice people”. It’s just a plain not good idea to let the public access it it, especially with no moderation at all. Anyone who has ever moderated or run any music community or project will agree with me. Also, if it gets popular, it will be flooded with posts and everyone will unfollow it. Any label needs at least some time constraint between posting tracks.


I’ve noticed people in the auxy community that have stolen tracks of mine. I’m afraid that there are all kinds of people who do stuff like that everywhere, even here in the Auxy community.


Plus it would be a disaster if it REALLY picked up speed and gained some revenue and you would need to distribute the revenue to the artists and all sorts of pains that you need an actual label company to do if you want it done right.


I think that’s a very good possibility. I’m down