What if there were a disco app

I don’t know if this has been talked about but it would be amazing to have a app for disco so I wouldn’t have to login everytime I come back to the app


There’s an app called ‘Discourse’ that allows easier access with this forum on the App Store :+1:t3:

All you need to do is add the address to the discourse list which is:



Personally, I always look at the disco on iOS through Safari or on Windows with chrome. Both apps allow me to stay logged in, even if I close the disco tab. 1) are you using either of these platforms? (And if so) 2) Does this process not work for you?


Thanks , I am using this app now

Yes, Safari

There’s a neat trick you can do with safari to add the disco directly to your home screen.

Go to https://disco.auxy.co and click the share button at the bottom of safari

Scroll and find the add to home screen button at the bottom

Customize the title however you’d like and add it

A shortcut in the form of a native application is now on your home screen :slight_smile:

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I like that ui, What’s it called


ios 13 beta, I presume

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Nevermind. Wish it was, actually.

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How the heck does your phone look like that? It’s super cool.

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@tornait turns out he jail broken and used a tweak. He dmed me it

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You can do this since a long time ago with iOs