What if Auxy had Serum?

Hey guys! Just something I’ve been wondering about. Serum has been something that is available for most music platforms. What if Auxy had serum? What if we had the chance to make our own sounds in Auxy without having to pay so much money to get a computer, then a music software, and waste like 3,000 dollars? I feel like that would be such a sweet and affective upgrade! Tell me your thoughts!


It’s really not that simple. There’s a reason why desktop software costs exponentially more than iOS software* - all the R&D, the large teams of people who are working on a given product or project, the technology behind the software. There’s been lots of posts about this, and at the very best, Auxy (or a new app) could be written to take advantage of the AUv3 format that Apple offers, for which Serum is not available (not to say there aren’t amazing synths on iOS, there are, but Serum is not there).

I never really understood the fetishization of this plug, before that it was Massive, before that, who knows… if someone wants Serum, buy Serum. It’s a wave table synth, I dunno, there’s so many of them. Maybe I’m just old and jaded and cranky.

    • the exceptions to the more expensive iOS software are the devs like Sugarbytes, Klevgrand, KORG etc who are literally porting their desktop offering to iOS at 1:1 scale - they are identical, and cheaper. Turnado for iOS is exactly the same as Turnado for PC/Mac. In some cases, products came out on iOS first! And then went to desktops (KORG Gadget).

The sound engine powering Auxy looks every bit as good as Serum, which is why I’ve been calling for the devs to expose more of it through a mini-synth or two.


MOAR TOAD PLZ - if that’s what this bad boy is called




I mean, some of Auxy’s sounds use serum wavetables… so it kind of already does…


No custom sounds though

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Thanks for the help guys!