What Headphones do you use?

This is my brother’s SOL republic V8. It works well, and is practically unbreakable. The actual over-ear part can be taken off, and replaced, and the frame itself can be bent however you want to.

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That’s dank

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Hello y’all I use plantronics back beat sense 2


A set of TDK headphones that I got in like 8th grade & an old set of apple earbuds that I’ve had forever (and are kinda falling apart)

Oops thE pic is upside down :upside_down_face:

Was using some open back Grado SR60e
Need to fix them.

Now I use Skullcandy Crusher
They’re not that good for monitoring and I don’t know what the frequency response chart for them look like, but they’re bass heavy.

ATH MSR7, bought them for 250

I have the Skull Candy Uproars as well! :smile:
I have them in grey with black buttons

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I have the non Bluetooth version. Best headphones I’ve found so far.

top of the line


is dat a new song i see there

How did you take this?

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B&O Beoplay H9
-had them for about 13 months
-price ~500€
-materials sheep leather😛, aluminium


HOw I got mine also

@Azureonyx Realized something… :smirk:

It’s called having another phone

Same with mine except they’re JBL. I use wired for making music to get rid of the Bluetooth latency.

Nah, I reject that answer, ur a wizard my dude

BlueAnt Pump Soul.

Good for hearing bass and stuffs.

I use computer speakers. I can’t have phones right in my ear, since they worsen my diplacusis.