What happened to Staff Picks and Auxy reposts?

Was staff picks just for 2019?



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So, this stuff is actually driven by the devs, not us. We don’t have access to the Auxy SC account and neither to the feed in app.


I’d ask @lenberg about it, he’s probably just taking a break from reposting and will resume soon though. Idk about the staff picks



They seem to release the staff picks for the month prior at the end of the current month. So maybe if we wait until late Feb we might see the staff picks pop up for January


yeah they still aren’t back lol


Yeah they have started to get really slack on this. I understand that there is a lot of work going into an app like Auxy. However, these past couple of months they have really dropped the ball in terms of maintaining and interacting with their community. I haven’t been online much, partly because of the lack of interaction we receive from the devs within the community, and the slow degradation of consistent reposts and uploads, including the release of sound packs for the premium subscribers at a set schedule (its prime source of income should I add). The last that I publicly heard from the devs outside of the mixed moods pack was them asking us to change our reviews on the appstore. Now, if you ask me, those reviews were there for a reason. I’m not saying Auxy neccessarily deserves these reviews, however, some, unbiased people may (Honestly, I agree that whole “literally no app without premium” idea was a bust). I don’t know if I’m just being pedantic, but the Dev team have slowly but surely been removing themselves from the community, each month taking longer for a sound pack and longer intervals between uploads and reposts (it all started from the removal of BTC).

Again, I understand that creating and maintaining an app like Auxy is bloody hard work, I respect that. It’s just sad to see things come to what they seem to be right now. I hope someday, the brilliant devs will finally bless us with their return.

Thanks for listening to my rant.
@lenberg @Fredrik


And not to mention that the packs have felt less consistently high quality/unique and different from sounds we already have the last few months. wonder what’s going on.


I have no clue?