What Genres Have You Tried?

List all the genres you’ve written/tried to write and tell me how it worked out. Thought it would be fun to know what everybody on he has been trying. Also you can see who else on here has tried the same ones as you.


Ambient - Ya
Dubstep - Kinda Sorta
DnB - Na
Chiptune - Na
Future Bass - Ya
House (Now that I know what it is) - Ya
Bossa Nova - …We’ll See…
Techno - Ya (I think)
Country - jk, why would I ever try that?
UK Garage - We’ll see…
Wonky - Na
Jazz - I think…?
Music that I have no idea what the genre is - Ya

(Ya = It worked out, Na = It didn’t,
We’ll see… = Hope has not yet been lost)


Bossa nova?? What is that?

It’s kinda like a mix between latin music and jazz. It comes from Brazil, I think. Imma find an example.

Sooo…all the YouTube videos I’m finding are 3 hours long, sooooooo this may take a while…

Soul Bossa Nova, also known as the theme song for Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery.

I’ve written projects that incorporate or blend:
Future Bass
Weird in-between genres…
…and probably a few more that I forgot about and will remember, fifteen minutes from now :wink:


hardstlye, MartinGarrix house, fluemstep, futurebass, trap, chill trap


I’ve tried a lot of genres. I like being versatile so I can turn any song i make into a Hybrid if i really wanted to. I have always enjoyed listening to music where it switches on the fly to something else and still sounds good.

Glitch Hop: I’ve made a few times and it’s worked pretty good, even made a few BTC.

Trap/Trapstep/Hybrid Trap: I’ve loved producing and still trying to perfect

Oldschool/Jungle: I’ve made a couple but it turned out bad because i always kerfuffle it up, changing it to Jump Up (Dnb)

Drum and Bass: I’ve dabbled a few times and even collabed a perf DNB track with my bestie.

Neurofunk: Been trying, but it’s very difficult

Dubstep: I’ve done many times and is probably the genre I’ve made most along side Electro House

Hardstyle: I’ve tried making, but the key component is the Kick, which is normally comprised of 4-6 layers of kicks and snares having their front or tail cut. So this is difficult with Auxy, but I’ve been trying to work around it.
Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore: Don’t ask, it was a trainwreck xDDDDD

Electro House: My favourite with all its subgenres: Moombahton, complextro, fidget house, bass house
Progressive House: I think? :thinking:

Psy Trance/Goa: tried, and failed.
Acid Trance: I made this awesome Samurai Jack Rave type remix, i need to recreate it and finish it, its my goal in life xD.

I probably missed a couple, I’m a genre nut, and the opposite of people saying “Genres are dumb, theres always a new one out every day”. I believe sub genres help label tracks so you can easily find music you like. Someone that likes House, may love chicago house, or French/funky house, but may absolutely hate Progressive. So having those sub genres help them avoid listening to tracks they don’t like at all.


Progressive House
Future Bass
Chill Future Bass
Future House
Electro House
Moohbaton (how the hell do you spell it? :joy:)
Dubstep (so fn bad dubstep)
Progressive Trance

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Future Bass - Yep
Chill Future Bass - Yep
EDM - Yep
This Jazzy WIP I have - Sorta

Wow I’m bland

chill with a lot of Melodic Percussion
chill with not very much Melodic Percussion


Electro Swing (What, So?)
Synthwave (Night Beat)
Electro Pop (Cosmic Sprinkles)
Chill Trap (Sunbeams Through Clouds)
Urban Hip-hop/Trap (Rain Down, Contender)
Genres I don’t even know myself (Harbor Sprint, War Head, Sunset Junction… pretty much half of my stuff)


Trap/hip-hop: kinda
Hardstyle: nope (but apparently my SC plays think otherwise)
DnB: kinda, been getting there
Glitch hop: kinda, only 2 tracks (unreleased)
Dubstep: yeah. Getting into producing it more
House: tried it a few times. Only ever liked 1 track I made
Electro/electronic: been working on some stuff. Really fun.
Melbourne/bounce: only did 1 track. Was all right

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What are some ways to identify what genre your song is?

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Do you have any examples?

wub wub bass
prog house
dark dnb boiiii
liquid dnb
some mix of electro and trance i guess
chill (still working on it)
experimental/experimental dnb (working on this one too)

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Lmao whoops. Can I hear some of your riddim though?

I didn’t release anything yet… but I have id’s