What genre would you call this?

Saw someone post a similar question on here, and I thought it was a great idea. I’ve been dying to know how you guys would label this:


You’d think since I made it I would know how to label it, lol, but I’m actually not well versed when it comes to electronic music. I haven’t been making it long. I come from a more “rock” background - playing in a bands and such :slight_smile:

Thanks you guys! :slight_smile:

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future bass maybe? melodic dubstep? I have no idea :joy:

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From an Electronic perspective, not sure if it belongs in a defined sub-genre.

I think simply Electronic would cover it.

I wanna throw Pop and Chiptune in as additional influences (not sub-genres), but that might mostly be bc it catches those vibe in certain parts.



Thanks! :slight_smile:

I like bitpop. I think that fits.

Do you think straying from a defined genre is a good thing? Like, it sets one apart?

Or do you think fitting into a clear genre is better? I know the mind is compelled to categorize, and I know it’s possibly better for tags/search results and whatnot.

Thanks for trying bruh! :laughing:

I like those you came up with!

I need to listen to more future bass…

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