What effects would you like to see?

We don’t have many effects, only a sweeper. What other ideas do people have for FX that would be cool.


Thunder, explosion, glass shattering, electric shock, paper rip, metal creaking, whooshing, and gunshots


Ooh those are nice ideas. Maybe also like more risers of different sorts

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I don’t think there will more FX unfortunately.

I think the tonal reverses and riser packs was a good start, we just need a little bit more

Try impacts, in the drums catagory. If not just import your own samples

We need a beat repeat and vinyl scratch.

Sequenceable performance effects. Yes please.


I think there is a misunderstanding.

maybe some more dynamic dubstep/riddim type basses. i’m not talking fluttery uwu 80s retro sh!t like the devs keep pumping out en masse. i mean real heavy stuff. nasty. filthy. disgusting. in the best way possible

I’m not sure if this counts as an ‘effect’ but I’d like to see a master automation, for example, I put a ducker setting on it and it affects every instrument (except drums) within the project.

These are from the koala sampler app but just to name a few

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These are also quite good, it’s unfortunate you can’t record and clear them at will (like the pocket operator) but they’re still great

Ooh that’s a good idea. Maybe even a visual EQ eight.

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Church bells & hard 808s