What does low power mode actually do to Auxy?

All it says is it “greatly reduces performance” what does that mean?

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I’m guessing the sound quality gets worse, it does for me on low power mode, anyways

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And, the bass quality drops, too

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I’ve done this before and I wouldn’t reccomend it. Auxy started glitching.

Low Power Mode reduces or affects these features:

  • Email fetch
  • “Hey Siri”
  • Background app refresh
  • Automatic downloads
  • Some visual effects
  • Auto-Lock (defaults to 30 seconds)
  • iCloud Photo Library (temporarily paused)

It also throttles the CPU, which results in less clock cycles to process audio.

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So what one of them “greatly reduces performance”?



Is that the only thing?

It also changes your Facebook status to 'pooping'.


Oh ok cool I’ll stay away from it then.

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Laughed out loud, silently, cause the kids are sleeping, and now stomach hurts

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