What do you think should be my next project?


To give you an idea of what kind of music I create: https://app.auxy.co/projects/72B2UT9O-B4pzcmHXbbHdQ==
Wanna hear some more projects of mine?: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0p0lRCk26WiTk8CyIPLd0K?si=B4iQs01nSb2xkGEIWOQBiQ


Sounds great man! I’d say just keep making what you’re making, it sounds awesome!


Thank you!


Like jax said you should stick to your sound.
Your songs are very very original and amazing i am totally in love with them. You definitely have a signature sound. And i love it <3


Thank you so much for the encouragement it really motivates me.


Wow that’s amazing! Can I Remix this?


Sure but under certain conditions…


What would those conditions be?


Basically don’t post anywhere without my permission.


Ok thanks!


Make extratone


Just explore your sound, don’t worry about what people think :slight_smile:


I’ll do that thanks for the advice