What do you think of the OB from Mars sound pack?

I think the base is nice and the new “raver” is :fire::exclamation:What do you think?

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Dude I love the new ‘Mellow’ sound. It’s sooo good

All the words in the world to choose from and repeat names from other packs are picked? Confusing

Which names are repeated?

(Just reporting from others in AC Discord)

  • Sawyer (it’s in Sublab, as well)
  • Muffler (it’s in Low Fidelity, as well)

Thanks! We’ll tweak these.


T o m S a w y e r

Sorry, but wow. Really?

Someone at Auxy should be paying attention to these things before they ship. This is 101 stuff.

  1. You didn’t immediately recognise the duplicate name and rule it out before release - bc you know your own product inside and out, right?
  2. When the mistake was identified, you asked a user to identify the specifics, rather than take two mins to check for yourself (for a mistake that wouldn’t have happened if Auxy had the right processes or if anyone was paying attention)

Sure, it wasn’t a huge one, but it kinda suggests that Team Auxy are kinda phoning it in these days.

(Haven’t used it yet, but when I first saw the new kit, and the repeated names, my first thought was whether projects will correctly identify which instrument is meant to be used.)

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Ngl that was a little harsh but I also wanted to say that there are two lakes: Lake (Sound of Vivrant) and Lake (RAC Essentials)

Possibly. Just seems a little too much like a sign that the team aren’t really interested enough in their own product to pay attention to it.

And if this was the first sign, …

That was a little harsh, they try their best. How many ppl can make a music maker thing from scratch? (Dont answer that)

…you assume.


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I assume… you don’t think they r doing a good job at paying attention to detail?

If they were covering the details well, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Anyhoo, it wasn’t a huge one, but it’s not a positive sign for Auxy if the team is this disengaged.

Moving on… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Back on topic…

Are sound packs sample-based or entirely synthesised?

I just felt that the sounds in this pack sounded quite like variants of sounds from other packs. Or at least, they have an ‘Auxy sound’, imo.

I was surprised and pleased to see Shape (Decay?) make a reappearance. I just wish it was available for all sounds (as Decay).

I like that there are retro packs (I’m a fan of the sound of classic analogue synths), but it feels like there’s a whole suite of sounds and timbres that we’re not really getting.
(Not sure if that’s a licensing cost thing or a synth engine capabilities thing.)

At this point, I don’t feel that sound packs have been adding huge amounts of value. I’m really only subbing to Auxy now to have access to the many many sketches and semi-developed tracks in there that I intend to develop further in the future.

[Edit: I should add that I’m not suggesting that we could end sound pack releases. I think they need to continue, but I’d like to see the variety and quality increase — though I’m not sure either is likely to happen unless/until they raise the subs price (which I’d be in favour of, if it leads to more interesting selection of sounds, substantial new features, etc…)]

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I know I’m late, but this is finally a useful pack.

Raver and Tom Sawyer are LEGENDARY

Although there’s many instruments like Tom Sawyer already in sweet pads that are better, Tom Sawyer sounds truly unique comparing them.

Raver…is next level. I would’ve never expected anything like raver to come out! Not just is raver a legendary lead, you can use it as a bass that sound really cool as well.

Muffler in the pack is amazing as a bass/bass guitar if you put the dist to high and the low pass low. Amazing bass.

that’s what I do with most bass but I’ll try it

edit: yes it is you’re right, heh.


raven experimentation I made yesterday


here’s another